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Hey guys, Jechiro here. So my Mothra proposal ended disastrously so I think I'll go with a relatively easy one this time (you can't win them all as they say). Just recently, I rewatched The Emperor's New Groove and it occurred to me, Pacha hasn't been proposed yet. Well that changes now, because today we're going to be doing just that.

What’s the Work?

By this point, this movie needs no introduction, but rules are rules so here we go. The Emperor’s New Groove is a 2000 animated Disney comedy about a sleazy, selfish emperor named Kuzco who after firing his power hungry advisor Yzma, gets turned into a llama during a failed assassination attempt and thrown out of his kingdom. On his way back to his palace where he can be cured, Kuzco is aided by Pacha, the subject of today’s proposal. Being an early 2000’s Disney comedy, hijinks ensue, but that’s a story for another day, let’s talk about Pacha shall we?

Who is Pacha?/What has he done?

Pacha is the deuteragonist of the film, he’s a loving father to three children who always looks for the best in people. Pacha is best described as the exact opposite of Kuzco. Where Kuzco is narcissistic and selfish, Pacha is humble and selfless.

  • In his very first scene, Pacha is shown comforting an old man Kuzco had thrown out his window for “throwing off his groove.” Establishing him as a kind hearted person.
  • Even after Kuzco tells him that he’s going to have his village torn down to build a pool, Pacha chooses to save Kuzco from a pack of jaguars.
  • Pacha goes out of his way multiple times to save Kuzco throughout their journey.
  • Upon learning that Yzma tried to have Kuzco killed, he tries to warn Kuzco, only to be rejected.
  • Even after being rejected by Kuzco, Pacha is more than happy to take him back in once he realizes the mistake he’s made.
  • Even when Kuzco gave him no reason to like him, Pacha looked for the best in him.
  • He helps turn Kuzco back into a human being.
  • In the end, Pacha's actions are what turned Kuzco into a better person.

Corrupting Factors

Admittedly, Pacha did lie to his wife about his meeting with Kuzco. But he did so to spare her the pain of being forced to leave their beloved home. Pacha is also visibly distressed after doing this, so I don’t think it’s truly a corrupting factor. Pacha also starts a fist fight with Kuzco at one point during their journey, but his anger here is very much justified. Kuzco was about to leave him to die after he fell through a bridge, right after they promised to watch each other’s backs. Honestly, it’s a miracle Pacha wasn’t even angrier at him for that. Long story short, Pacha would never do anything truly horrible. Like I said, he’s an idealist.

Admirable Standard

Pacha is easily the most heroic character in the movie. The film has a very small cast, it mostly focuses on 4 characters, and Pacha is the only one who’s truly heroic. For some perspective, two of those characters are the villains and the other one’s Kuzco. There are a bunch of side characters, but most of them exist solely for gags and don’t really do anything to stand out. Pacha is basically a wide eyed idealist in an anti heroic world, and it shows too.

The Verdict

You tell me.