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Iron Man is a long running comic book series about the titular character as he fights evil to save the world from super villains and even fought some heroes.

Why I feel he doesn't count

To put it simply he's very flawed and has a massive ego. He has no issue bragging about his intellect, a bit of an alcoholic and a bit of a womanizer even he does treat them decently and cares for some, committed some rather questionable acts like Civil War where he wanted to help the government force superheroes to register and admits he doesn't regret it. Now like all comics it varies to some extent on how bad and all comics have moments where the characters have moments or acts out of character but even then Tony is rarely if ever arguably Pure Good with even other heroes disliking him at times. Basically how close he is to close to losing his way varies from writer to writer. This isn't even getting into the arc where he turned into a super villain where he made people into addicts, tries to take over a the world and gained a full on a God Complex due to magic reversing everyone's morality which later is reversed. If anything he's more Outright.