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Hello everyone, I've made enough contributions and votes to fulfil the criteria to be PG whitelisted, so I can make Pure Good proposals now! Here's my first candidate, which I've always wanted to propose.

"Live each day as if it's your last."

What's the work?

League of Legends is a MOBA created by Riot, with a cast of several unique champions to play with, and a rather infamous community. Here it focuses mainly on the world of Runeterra's lore, with several champions being heroic and others being villainous, some even approved as Pure Evil on Villains Wiki. This candidate is a champion who is one of the most wholesome and kindhearted champions in the game: Ivern, the Green Father.

Who's the character?

Ivern Bramblefoot is a nature spirit who serves as the current host of the World-Tree. He loves all plants and animals, as he can communicate with them. But he wasn't always a good guy at the start: he used to be a mortal human named Ivern the Cruel, named for good reason. He was a fierce barbarian who wanted to overthrow the Iceborn by seizing power for his tribe. They sailed to Ionia, where they saw a sacred grove known as Omikayalan, which they wanted to conquer. Ivern the Cruel fought back several vastaya defenders and chopped down the World-Tree in malice. But after the tree fell, his life completely changed.

Ivern the Cruel saw the nature around him weep as it began to grow back around him. He had never seen so much beauty in his life, and he began to have an epiphany about his mistakes in life and the cruelty he'd inflicted. He saw that his skin was turned to wood as he became the new World-Tree. He cried in remorse as he processed all of his sins in his human life, and then he started his new life being able to communicate with all of Runeterra's plants, animals and even the ground itself.

No longer the barbarian he once was, Ivern became merciful and pacifistic, acting as an old caretaker for the nature all over Runeterra. He met an injured stone golem whom he named Daisy and nursed back to health, who became his best friend and protector. He often encountered humans who often wondered about him, but due to their disregard towards nature, Ivern withdrew from their presence. But despite this, Ivern understood as he was once human himself, so he would cultivate humanity and share the joys of nature to cultures across the land.

Corrupting Factors

To get the elephant out of the room, Ivern the Cruel he had a lot of corrupting factors and would be more of a villain, but ever since he had an epiphany after becoming the new World-Tree, he realized the beauty of life and nature, and Ivern has become the complete opposite of who he once was. He willingly chose to be who he is now, especially acknowledging the folly of other humans since he was one himself. He holds no anger nor grudges, as he is always forgiving no matter what.

In his current form, Ivern shows disdain for human hunters due to them harming the environment and even attacks them at times (to defend the helpless prey they're hunting), but Ivern does not hate them nor encourage his natural friends to do the same. Instead, he wants to teach humanity to appreciate nature like he does. When Ivern does attack, he prefers to incapacitate rather than cause harm and lets them go once they've learned their lesson. In his color story "Gift of Venom" he even shows mercy to a poacher even after killing a shagyak, saves her from dying from a venomous snake (who bit her in self-defense) and helps her reform and appreciate nature.

Admirable Standard

There are a lot of heroic champions in League of Legends, but a majority of them are either heroic xenophobes and/or lethal, as many of Runeterra's nations are at conflict with each other and even themselves, so war between nations is very common. The most admirable champions are the ones who want unity between nations or are peaceful towards everyone equally. However, even those examples have corrupting factors: Lux will sic Galio on enemies of Demacia (and even stabbed someone), and Ashe is willing to kill the Avarosan's enemies in contrast to her goal of uniting the Freljord.

Ivern is one of those true pacifists who has no corrupting factors as shown above, atoning and fully reforming from his past and showing mercy towards even those who should be his enemies. Even if he does harm others, he fights to defend the forest wildlife and lets the offenders go to teach them a lesson.

Final Verdict

Ivern is one of the most kind and merciful champions in the LoL universe, so I say he's the best example of pure good on Runeterra. What do you think?