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Taric's gentle kindness inspires all who meet him, galvanizing them to find the warmth within to bolster themselves on even the coldest of nights.
Why should Taric show his fellow man kindness? Well, he came to Targon a broken man, intent on climbing the mountain to atone for his sins... and he succeeded. Nobody knows better that all broken things can be made beautiful again.
~ Mountain Scryer

Here's my second Pure Good proposal, which I've been ruminating in my head for a while. It's LoL once again.

"Truth is worth fighting for, but beauty is worth dying for."

What's the Work?

League of Legends is a MOBA created by Riot, with a cast of several unique champions to play with, and a rather infamous community. Here it focuses mainly on the world of Runeterra's lore, with several champions being heroic and others being villainous, some even approved as Pure Evil on Villains Wiki. I previously proposed Ivern as Pure Good for being one of the most kind and wholehearted characters in a series where most of the heroes are facing war or tensions between other regions. This next candidate used to be in the army himself, before ascending into a Celestial Aspect and opposing wars, even stopping the kingdom he once called home. It's none other than Taric, the Shield of Valoran.

Who is he? What has he done?

Taric grew up in Demacia, where he always held the ideals that he would be a protector, but did not limit or define what or who he wanted to protect. He volunteered for the Illuminators by helping sick people or repairing destroyed homes, and inspired the stonemasons with his creative talents. He became idealised with his deeds, believing every aspect as beautiful, fragile and worth saving. Eventually, he joined the army of Garen Crownguard to fight for the kingdom, but fighting was not for him. He would sneak out to find a rare animal, listen to a bard's tunes or see the night sky. Of course, Garen was not too pleased since Taric would make a terrible soldier if he disobeyed orders so frequently, so he decided to demote him instead of kicking him out of the army and gently convinced him to shape up. Taric was later sent to be second-in-command to the Sword-Captain of the Dauntless Vanguard, but wandered off in battle and returned to see that the captain had been killed alongside his entire warband (his previous story showed that it was invading Voidborn that killed them). Taric was sent to be executed, but Garen intervened and told Taric to endure "The Crown of Stone", a trial achieved by climbing Mount Targon which very few would survive. The trials were intended for the accused to flee Demacia and start new lives in exile, but Taric wanted to atone for what he had done.

Taric climbed the mountain, where it tested him with projections of his fears (the dead soldiers he abandoned) or virtues (seeing a frozen-over man whom he instinctively gave his scarf to, even though said man was another illusion). He was confronted with many traumatic illusions, but eventually he reached the top. He ascended into a demigod after merging with the Aspect of the Protector, and now made it his goal to protect all of Valoran.

Corrupting Factors

While Taric was a neglectful soldier back when he was mortal, being a warrior wasn't his thing as his philosophy had always been to protect everyone and everything, so he would not feel any joy with war. After his aloofness led to the soldiers' demise, Taric was very remorseful of his mistake and used his exile to climb Targon in order to atone for his failure. Also, there's the part where he fought against both Demacian and Noxian armies, but he intervened to stop them from destroying a single flower which was the last of its kind, and as he says himself they were so caught up in their own bloodlust that they had no idea why they were even fighting while Taric fought to protect life. And as you know, Taric has a good point in turning on his former kingdom since Demacia isn't exactly a symbol of virtue (the story of Sylas and the Mageseekers come to mind). But even after all that, Taric does not hate Demacia nor Garen, since he still regards Garen as a friend even though he had many conflicts with the latter (and was exiled by him in the first place) but was horrified when he saw a vision of Garen dead, and when he says "My heart and sword, always for Demacia", Taric says "I have never forgotten."

Also, in-game he also has some hostile quotes like threatening to "shatter" the enemy, but again Taric always seeks truces first and only shows hostility when he has no choice.

Admirable Standard

The world of League of Legends is known for its war and conflict, and most of the heroic champions are either heroic xenophobes, lethal or don't stand out enough. Taric is an exception, as even when he was still just a man he always wanted to protect and help everyone, and after becoming the Aspect of the Protector he now protects all of Valoran. He despises war and intervenes before the most important things are lost. He also gives encouragement to others who climb up Mount Targon, warming them with his kindness and helping them reach the top.


Like Ivern, Taric is one of the most admirable champions in the League of Legends universe, so I see him as another Pure Good. (Also, I've been thinking to propose Braum as well, but since he's going to have a huge role in the upcoming Ruined King game, I want him reserved until it gets released.)