Okay, I may not be one of the most famous users here, but I want to bring up awareness about how the term "Pure Good" is used on Heroes Wiki and how it gets abused and misused all the time. Pure Good is supposed to define heroes whom are altruistic, learn from their own flaws, have no jerkish moments and performs impressive feats of good that stand out from other heroes. But it has been a recurring problem on Heroes Wiki that the definition of Pure Good is often misunderstood, which is why there are a lot of Pure Good removals here. From what we've seen, characters have gotten the category added or have been PG proposed for several possible reasons:

  • Being the protagonist. Just because they do impressive feats and help lots of people or save the world doesn't mean that their flaws should be ignored. This is a reason why lots of Outright heroes aren't PG (the category is gone now), as their heroic milestones are balanced by their glaring flaws. Even if they don't have flaws, they need to stand out in terms of heroism to be considered Pure Good.
  • Being a minor character whom helps the protagonists. Even if they don't display any corrupting factors when they serve heroic roles, the protagonists do more heroic things than them. Cut examples include a lot of the minor toys from Toy Story, whom were rejected for not doing enough.
  • Being a fictionalized version or portrayal of a celebrity that you like. Just because you're a fan of them doesn't mean you can make them Pure Good out of admiration. Cut examples include Will Smith from Bel-Air and Chuck Norris.
  • Being a Vocaloid that everyone likes. Yes, Vocaloid characters are on this wiki, and Hatsune Miku and Yuzuki Yukari were added to Pure Good. Vocaloids are artificial singing programs whose personalities depend on their user. Vocaloid does not have a canon story. Even if they are heartwarming on stage, they don't have further stories offstage and it is up to the fans to make the story.
  • Being pretty or adorable. There are a LOT of times in which a character had the Pure Good category added just because the fandom loves their cuteness or beautiful appearance, and not because how they are portrayed within the work.
  • Being an innocent, lovable kid. Just because they're caring with their young age, a truly Pure Good kid would have to be impressive within the work especially if they're in a work with heroes whom literally save lives.
  • And the worst example: "Because I personally like this character, therefore they MUST be Pure Good."

Do you think this issue needs to be rectified? I was kinda nervous about having to say this, but somebody had to.

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