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I know that Mega Man is already approved Pure Good, but I got permission from Emeraldblade95 to make this removal proposal for him. As a long term Mega Man fan, I've been aware of the titular main protagonist Mega Man's corrupting qualities that I'm about to address in this removal proposal.

What is the Work?

The Mega Man franchise or simply Mega, (known in Japan as Rockman or simply Rock) is a science-fiction, superhero, and robot-themed franchise of dozens of platform games, primarily run and gun games, along with shooters as well. It is also arguably the 3rd most famous non-Nintendo videogame franchise behind the Sonic and Pac-Man franchises.

Who is Mega Man?

I'm already aware that everyone already knows who the heck Mega Man (also known as Rockman), or simply (Mega or Rock for short) is to this day and age. Mega Man is the titular main protagonist of the Mega Man franchise. He is a robot superhero built by the heroic scientist Dr. Light. Mega's missions throughout the series mainly center around preventing his arch-nemesis the evil scientist Dr. Wily from conquering the world.

Why he can’t qualify?

As far as I know, Mega Man had no corrupting qualities/factors, except for the following:

  1. Mega Man destroys/kills sentient robots: Mega Man despite being a superhero, destroys enemy robots, which would obviously count as killing, given that most of the robots that Mega Man destroys are sentient. Thus, he relies on violence to rescue/save the world by destroying those enemy robots that are threats. However, on the bright side, I assume that he probably doesn't enjoy destroying those robot masters, nor is he willing to destroy them. Not to mention, it's not Mega's fault for his destructive, but heroic behavior. The wicked Dr. Wily is the one to blame for all of this.
    • Even if the robots that were once destroyed get repaired, destroying sentient robots still counts as homicide. Because sentient robots are actual characters.
    • Kenshiro from the obscure anime and manga Fist of the North Star destroys/kills opponents for similar reasons to why Mega Man destroys the enemy robots, which is the main reason why Kenshiro is disqualified from being pure good. Therefore, the same would go for Mega Man.
    • Other heroes have been disqualified from being pure good all because they destroyed/killed their opponents, just to save the world or defend the innocent.
      • Mr. Incredible is disqualified from being pure good all because he destroyed/killed his arch-nemesis Syndrome.
      • Saitama/One Punch Man is disqualified from being pure good because he destroys monsters that are threatening to attack the world.
    • If you compare Mega Man to any Mortal Kombat hero, you could obviously see that Mega Man's acts of destruction are just as bad as any fatality in the Mortal Kombat series.
      • It should be noted that destruction/death/murder/killing/homicide isn't emphasized, nor has it ever been a major part/aspect of the Mega franchise.
  2. Mega Man is also a downright cheater. Mega Man is capable of copying/stealing robot master's special weapons/abilities/powers. Whenever he destroys a robot master, he obtains one of their special weapons/abilities/powers, which could be considered cheating. Obviously, the ability to copy abilities from other beings, is downright unfair because it grants the user a shortcut to learning additional skills/abilities/moves. Furthermore, even if Mega cheats just to save the world, its still considered cheating. Mega's power copying ability makes him a blatant cheater, which would make him an example of a dishonorable hero. Even if Mega Man isn't considered to be cheating in-universe wise. He could still be considered a cheater to the audience/viewers.
    • However, there are various examples of heroic cheaters out there. One famous example is Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto.
    • Pure Good heroes are exactly what they are: PURE. They are never presented in a negative way. Dishonor is a corrupting quality because it presents a hero in a negative way. The polar opposite, Pure Evil Villains are never presented in a positive way.

If I missed out on any corrupting factors, please address it in the comments below.

Final Verdict

Mega Man should be cut due to being too lethal. Along with the fact that he cheats by stealing/copying his enemies' powers, all because he does it to save the world. Although he is a superhero, his only dishonorable trait is cheating.

If Mega Man does get cut from the Pure Good category, then I might propose him on Near Pure Good wiki.

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