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A proposal about another Danganronpa character which is Shuichi Saihara from the third installment of the series known as, Danganronpa V3.

What is the work?

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is the third (and so far the last) main installment to the Danganronpa game series. It was released in Japan in January 2017, and in North America and Europe by NIS America later on in September 2017.

Who is he? What has he done?

Shuichi Saihara was the deuteragonist of the game while Kaede Akamatsu was the main protagonist in the prologue and Chapter 1 until Kaede was wrongfully executed by Monokuma after she was being framed by Tsumugi Shirogane for Rantaro Amami's murder and Shuichi Saihara is now the real protagonist for the rest of the game. He is also one of the 16 students participated in the Killing School Semester and one the three survivors alongside Maki Harukawa and Himiko Yumeno.

He is known to be the second Ultimate Detective after Kyoko Kirigiri as he is good at solving crimes and truth-seeking.

Goodness Zone/Admirable Standards

Shuichi Saihara started off as being a shy and timid coward but, thanks to Kaede Akamatsu, he learns to become more mature, braver and optimistic and became the Voice of Reason and most heroic out of all the classmates. Similar to Makoto Naegi, he is very selfless and truthful to others and he cares about their lives, even if they are hostile or mean towards him.

He is very good at solving problems and crimes despite being a detective. He even stands up to villains such as Monokuma, the Monokubs and even Tsumugi Shirogane without willing to kill them. He also wanted to escape and end the killing game for good reasons and make the world itself better.

Corrupting Factors

While he has no real corrupting factors, he can get angry a few times but, he learns to control it.

He may discipline others but, only learns them right from wrong and does it for good reasons even, when he is actually telling the truth to them.

He also may have lied once but only out of necessity and shows remorse for it afterwards.

Final Verdict

I think Shuichi deserved a chance but, you decide what you think.

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