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Shoto Todoroki Action Pose

This has been a proposal that is a long time coming, let’s do this icy hot. I was originally gonna propose him with his father, but realized it needs more so just Shoto for now. He might be leaving the Near Pure Good wiki now, just like how his brother might leave the Near Pure Evil wiki soon.

Edit: okay I forgot the epilogue is still ongoing when I made this, but everything is already concluded and his arc is finished. It’s literally impossible for him to gain new corrupting factors at this point so let’s just do this now.

What’s the work?

I don’t need to fully explain My Hero Academia at this point. 10 year old Superhero anime/manga centered in a high school of training superheroes where a quirk less boy named Deku inherits a quirk called One For All and becomes the greatest hero. There.

Who is Shoto Todoroki?

Shoto Todoroki is the tritagonist of the franchise. He is one of the students at UA High School with a fire and ice quirk, the former he inherits from his father and Pro Hero, Endeavour. Shoto (understandably) hates his father for the abuse he put him and his family through and not only that but has turned him cold and distant from everyone around him, to the point it comes off as rude. He is also the brother of the supervillain Dabi, who became evil as a result of his father’s abuse.

What has Shoto done?

If I talked about everything he did, I would be here all month. Let’s just compile this here.

  • Voted Momo Yayourouzu as class president (a fellow Pure Good) which would later boost her confidence.
  • Helped his class fight the league of villains in an invasion, taking on multiple villains himself and unknowingly with the help of his invisible classmate.
  • Saved All Might from a muscular Nomu by freezing it.
  • He comforts his traumatized mother and forgives her for scarring his face, giving her closure.
  • Saves Tenya and Izuku's life from Hero Killer Stain, also helping defeat the villain and end his serial killing rampage.
  • Saved Kirishimia from Wolfram's minions.
  • Helps Bakugo defeat some of Wolfram's minions.
  • Helped the other students reach the top of the tower to stop Wolfram.
  • Saves Bakugo from being butchered by the cannibal Moonfish.
  • Helps Tokoyami control himself during the camp battle and prevent him from going on a rampage.
  • Attempts saving his classmates from the League of Villains.
  • Helped the others rescue Bakugo from the League
  • Teaches a naughty group of children to use their Quirks for good.
  • Helped stop Nine's attack on Nabu island, defeating Chimera.
  • Stopping a group of supervillain robbers known as Cidar, alongside Bakugo.
  • Saving his older brother, Natsuo from a psychotic supervillain named Ending.
  • Stopping two jewel thieves.
  • Helped Izuku go on the run when he was framed for murder.
  • Saving Rody from falling to death.
  • Helping his friends infiltrate a base to stop Flect Turn's genocide.
  • Evacuating citizens during the war.
  • Saved Natsuo and defeated Ending alongside Bakugo and Izuku.
  • Evacuated civilians before the Paranormak Liberation War started.
  • Saving his teacher from Shigaraki with a slab of ice.
  • Tried to get his dad to protect Midoriya and Bakugo from Dabi.
  • Tried to reason with Dabi during their first fight.
  • Made another attempt to stop Shigaraki alongside Iida.
  • Helping his father, Izuku and Bakugo fight Shigaraki, who plans to destroy the world.
  • Catching his father, Izuku and Bakugo and saving their lives during battle.
  • Alongside Bakugo, launched Endeavor into the air in order to save Midoriya from Shigaraki.
  • Brought Midoriya back to UA alongside the rest of his class.
  • Saved other heroes from Dabi's flames at the start of the final war.
  • Fought his evil older brother and helped defeat him without killing him.
  • When Dabi was about to suicide nuke himself and kill hundreds-thousands of people, Shoto stopped him, saving his family and the civilians.
  • While visiting his villainous older brother for the first time, he got him to feel remorse for his actions by opening up about his favorite foods.

Corrupting Factors

At the start of the series, Shoto is arrogant, rude and dismissive of his classmates and everyone around him, earning their dislike. His attitude stems from family issues. His rudeness notably earned him the spite of a student from another school named Inada who he coldly dismissed at a track field during the entrance exams. (He also does get a bit violent and uses an excessive amount of ice on Sero during the festival, but this is more of a heating-up moment (hehe, get it?) and Shoto is immediately remorseful and unfreezes Sero.)

Todoroki and Inasa

Remember that guy he fought with in the Hero License exam that has kept him off Pure Good all these years? Well they are friends now and Todoroki has more than subverted this.

His rudeness is subverted overtime however (starting when Izuku opens up to him during the Tournament), Shoto learns ALOT and becomes much more respectful and courteous. He opens up to Momo and becomes great friends with her. during the second license exam, he is able to make up with and work alongside Inada, even telling Inasa he doesn't have to apologize because it's his fault as well. Heck, in the epilogue, he says that he knows Class 1A will always have his backs and he can rely on his best friends. He is now willing to toss his ego aside and become the best hero. He even is able to (mostly) forgive his father upon seeing how much he will due to atone himself despite the trauma he put him through.

Even barring that Shoto is the way he is due to severe familial abuse that gave him a nihilistic mindset, which I repeat, is both understandable and subverted anyways. It certainly helps that Toya went through similar abuse then became an unapologetic terrorist and Shoto never became evil like him.

Sure he’s still a bit aloof and awkward but not even remotely rude. Being socially awkward isn’t corrupting.

He can be a little cold and emotionless when facing villains but really who cares? He’s never outright sadistic, usually uses his ice powers to subdue them rather than burn them with fire and this quality fades over time.

Admirable Standards

the franchise has an extraordinarily high admirable standard where nearly everyone contributes in some way by stopping villains or saving lives, high resources or not. Pretty much all of his classmates do some admirable thing.

I recommend reading this if you want to see a list of other people and how they fare up: User blog:JakeflixHD/PG Proposal: Izuku Midoriya#Admirable Standards

Luckily, Shoto should pass with flying colors. He is able to stand out with the sheer quantity of admirable things he does and is a necessary part in bigger things like helping stop his brother (especially the suicide nuke attempt), saving his classmates multiple times (sometimes purely by himself, like with Stain), helping stop Wolfram and Nine and even plays a part in stopping Flect Turn's genocide attempt. He does all this with less resources than Deku (in later arcs) and All Might, since they are god-like one for all users and even then stands out enough on his own.


Probably an icy hot yes to Shoto. Might do Endeavour next if people are in agreement.