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The second double Pure Good proposal is about Princess Liana and Princess Alexa from Barbie & the Diamond Castle.

What is the Work?

Barbie & the Diamond Castle is a 2008 American-Canadian direct-to-DVD animated film and the 13th installment of the Barbie movie series. The story is about Liana and Alexa, the two princesses who always be fond of their music but they serving as an gardeners and that plan up to plants all the flowers.

Sometimes, they were upset at each other, which didn't have much foods and costumes, just right the away, they likes music and growing flowers. Meanwhile, the girls meet with Melody, a former apprentice muse of the three muses: Dori, Phaedra, and Lydia, who thinks about the Diamond Castle is a potential the place, which is they lived.

However, after Lydia revealed her true color, with tried to against the muses, she becomes an evil sorceress and turned them into stone statues, which her flute also becomes her shade weapon, making to forced her dragon minion, Slyder going to attacked Melody. Upon her escaped and being sealing into the Magic Mirror, Melody keep safe for herself and she accompanied the princesses to takes their journey.

The girls meets with the two boys, Jeremy and Ian, who were shared a music and that be in love with them, much to their romance. As well as by result, Melody frees from the mirror, which then following the princesses and men to helps finds the Diamond Castle. Liana later worked with Alexa and Melody to stop Lydia from turning the world into darkness, which ended her terror and leads the other muses are being recovered.

Who are they? What have they done?

Liana and Alexa are both gardeners, as they live in the woods and lead a normal life together. In fact, they all like music very much and they singing and playing the guitar. As the storm destroyed the garden, Liana and Alexa made money by flowers' selling. Later, when they left the garden and went to the town to sell all the flowers, they met a poor old woman. In addition, they will give her some lunch. There is no need to make herself very poor, the old woman is about to give the girls a mirror. After finally returning to their home, Liana went to washing the mirror. She saw that the mirror had become beautiful by having dazzle flowers with the gold, and roll of stalks. However, the girls are singing and cleaning mess, which they hearing the sound of someone is also there with them.

Should know that is Melody, who hiding on the mirror, as she ordered Liana and Alexa to finding the Diamond Castle, and but remembered that the early, she is an apprentice muse, whom had living with the other muses, Lydia, Dori, and Phaedra. When Lydia trying to stage a coup, Dori and Phaedra hiding both their musical apparatus and the castle, which they gives Melody a key in case everything was unluckily happening with them. The muses are becomes victims of their turning into stone statues by Lydia, Melody flees, which she gets pursued by Slyder, and using her flute to play up, hidden of the mirror. Accidentally, her flute is destroying by Slyder. Upon the trio arriving in the Valley of Flowers, Liana and Alexa are find the two puppies, Sparkles and Lily.

They have treated them as their sidekicks. Melody can looks the dogs were so loving, listening to their barking was fine. Liana and Alexa later arrived on the village, drawing into an inn. They were hungry and speaks to Melody about their no having money, did not eating. While Liana told Edger that she and Alexa are replacements, he would agreed with their value and foods, so they begins entering the stage to performed sang. Making all audience to attention, the girls sings a song named "We're Gonna Find It", and the puppies coming to dancing. Jeremy and Ian show up to watching the girls performing, and immediately falls for them. Time to the meals, Liana and Alexa preparing to eats their foods and watched the boys played the guitars and singing, much to their funs.

They keeps out of burden to leaves, Lydia reaching into the tavern, she then using her flute to controlling everyone in this way. Across to the forest, Liana and Alexa are discovered by Lydia and Slyder, who were probably facing them. Upon they escaping, the dragon chasing them which even he was being knocking off. Fortunately, Ian and Jeremy managing to saving Liana and Alexa, they ignore Slyder as well. The puppies running away, Liana and Alexa went to find them. They later meeting a troll, who trying to eats the dogs, and the twins want to faced him. The troll also tried to eating the boys, he plans to gives his riddle, as the girls will thinks for it. They do, the troll don't freeing the boys, but showing a rainbow bridge that carries the girls off, it by leave Jeremy and Ian behind.

Liana and Alexa continue to traveled, so without the foods and water. Arrival of the mansion, the girls never sees the servants are under the control of Lydia's evil spells. They eventually to having more food to eats and more dresses to wearing. Therefore, Alexa abandoned the plans to help Melody, which Liana wants to dignity, and pledge that is for she did to Melody. The girls are takes an conflicts, Melody would stop them by the way. After Liana leaving from mansion with Sparkles, Alexa will stayed with Lily together. She upset to ripping off her necklace for her friend's clearly betrayal. Where Slyder appearing in mansion, he capturing Alexa and taking her to Lydia. Alexa told Lydia that Melody is not with her, Lydia mocking Slyder, who espy Alexa's basket for the mirror.

Unexpectedly, Slyder becomes fear, upon Lily could attaches herself to his teeth with her tongue. Lydia continuing to makes protest with Alexa, Liana and Melody are heading to the seven stones, while they about that Alexa is getting trouble for her blackmailed by Lydia. Slyder later capturing Liana, alongside with the mirror, and also it taking them to Lydia, which causing Sparkles will dismay. Upon her kidnapping, Liana refusing talked to Lydia, which she very dislikes her with wicked. However, Lydia using her spell to brainwashing Alexa, by that she intimidated Melody into told her where to sought the Diamond Castle. As Liana can't prevent Alexa from close to traps, they attacking by Slyder and falling into cliff, until the bad news.

Almost fall to dead, Liana and Alexa climb up the cliff with the help of Lily. When Lily drop Alexa's necklace to Liana, she using it on Alexa to removing Lydia's magic. They seeing that Melody was taken away by Lydia in which would time to following Sparkles, Lily, and the twins to save her. By another protest, Liana and Alexa pretending to fall under Lydia's magic, tricked Lydia and Melody, and the boys lure and attacked Slyder. Lydia later making a whirlpool with her flute, forcing the girls to jumping it and be drowned. Liana catching Lydia's flute, Lydia threatening to breaking the mirror, while Melody was still inside. Long that away, Melody angry to breaking herself, hoping that the Diamond Castle cannot fall into the hands by Lydia.

Liana telling Alexa to saved Melody, she throwing Lydia's flute into whirlpool, and frequently against Lydia. Lydia is went to catch her flute upon her drop into whirlpool, which is possibly to be defeated. Aftermath, Liana and Alexa realizing that the song Melody sings earlier is the key, and their singing revealing to the Diamond Castle. At sometime, Melody releasing from the mirror, she following the girls to discovering the muse' instruments. Lydia and Slyder were back to attacked three of them, Liana, Alexa, and Melody are joined up to deals with them. They playing all the instruments to singing, with having magic, turning Lydia and Slyder into stone statues, which both them are defeated. The other muses turning back into humans, Lydia's spells are disappearing.

Goodness Zone

Liana is a kind-hearted, selfless, friendly, loyal, and brave girl, who loves to sing and plays the guitar. She is positive leader which does anything else by taking care of her puppy, Sparkles, and taking trips to find the Diamond Castle. However, Liana is also doing fine for Melody, which they need to stops Lydia and avoid the most dangerous. Alexa is good-hearted, caring, shy, and calm who would remaining of her dreams. Unlike Liana, she is not really brave as wants to clam a better life in the fact to become a princess together with her. When Melody reunited with Dori and Phaedra, they be crowned as the princesses of music and enjoy danced with Jeremy and Ian. The boys also playing blue rock electric guitars and likes joyful. Honestly, the muses will sees them are too lucky. Upon leaves the castle, Liana and Alexa takes a carriage, wave goodbye to the boys and the muses, and returning to their home, they growing the beautiful flowers with diamonds after plants the magic seeds, which were gives by Dori and Phaedra.

Corrupting Factors

Sometimes they were have it, Liana and Alexa are upset, because of they not having foods and clothes, likes loving music and planting flowers. On the mansion, Liana know that Alexa never aid Melody, she want to honour, if swear they makes Melody to do this had ongoing. But they keep quarrel, Melody must stopped them. Due to Lydia's malevolent behavior, they would going stands up to Lydia for her forcing Slyder to kidnapping them. At the way, Liana throwing Lydia's flute into whirlpool and causing the mirror to fell on, which Sparkles hurry up to takes back. Lydia slowly went to takes her flute and falling into whirlpool for herself. Until reaching to the Diamond Castle and spotted the muse' instruments, Liana working with Alexa and Melody to facing Lydia and Slyder. They sing and play using magic to created barrier that turned Lydia's dark magic against her, turning both her and Slyder into stone statues, and eventually brought peace to the Diamond Castle.

Admirable Standards

Maybe this is the case, I will remember that they are all friendly and loyal, so they like singing and playing the guitars at most, as well as taking care of their puppies and dancing with the two men.

Final Verdict

I thinks that they were be approved, due to them for being kind and devotion.