This proposal is about Ashley Hammond.

What is the Work?

Power Rangers Turbo is a 1997 american superhero television series and the third installment of the long-running Power Rangers franchise. This series is based on Japanese TV show, Gekisou Sentai Carranger, the 20th-installment of the Super Sentai series.

Who is she? What has she done?

Ashley Hammond is one of the members of the Power Rangers teams and Andros's girlfriend. She is usually choose by Tanya Sloan and replaced her as a new Yellow Turbo Ranger. Ashley is often compared to be a cheerleader of Angel Grove High School, she wants to stop Divatox from invading the earth and help many civilians to escape the danger. Ashley later became Yellow Space Ranger and help Andros stop his younger sister Astronema/Karone (who becomes a second Pink Galaxy Ranger from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy) for taking over the powers to destroying the earth.

Goodness Zone/Corrupting Factors

Ashley is a kind and caring woman who can set off with her teammates, she is just like Cassie. She is sometimes optimistic and clumsy, but would to see the energetic aspects of momentum. As a matter of fact, Ashley has been speaking good words with Andros, both of them will be influenced by other Rangers.

On her birthday, a monster named Body Switcher was able to force her to pretend to be Astronema. Ashley could quickly escape and tell her teammates that she was posing as a real Astronema. During the battle, Andros finally gain her Morpher and constantly distinguished who was in trouble when telling who is the real Ashley.

However, he had a good ideas, only knew that he and the other Rangers knew how to activate Morphers, so he was about to use this advantage to consider them and by the way give Morpher back to Ashley. In the end of final battle, Ashley returned to earth with Andros and Karone and continued to be busy with anything.

Final Verdict

I think that Ashley is should be keep as well.

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