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This proposal is about Barbie Roberts from Barbie series.

What is the Work?

Barbie is a toyline franchise that was created by Mattel in 1959. This doll made its debut at the American International Toy Fair of New York, and Barbie has always been a famous figure in the series. She has exploded in many toys markets around the worlds, and has also appeared in many TV and movies. Aftermaths, Barbie began to appear in the computer animation film series. The first film she starred in was Barbie in the Nutcracker in 2001. After that, Barbie continuing to starting in the films, and by which will appeared in a few TV shows, including Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, Kelly Dream Club, Barbie Dreamtopia, and Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures.

Who is she? What have she done?

Barbie Roberts is the eldest daughter of George Roberts and Margaret Roberts, a older sister of Skipper, Stacie, Kelly, and Chelsea, one of the niece of Marlene Roberts, and one of the cousin of Marie and Max. She may designed as an fashion doll in founding line of the toys character conquer and making several audience stayed with her success in onward.

But that having popular of appearance in the most toys market of the worlds, which she will completed with outride characters of the other companies, including Jem, My Little Pony, Polly Pocket, Max Steel, and Monster High. However, Barbie also meet Ken, who is her love interest as he is as toys mascot as her.

Overall, she makes friends with Teresa, Midge, Nikki, Summer, Renée, and Daisy, they were appearing in the TV series, Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures. At some ways, Barbie then cast in the all animated films, does different roles as princess, fairy, mermaid, and human young adult, who do takes her business in many works.

In Barbie in the Nutcracker, Barbie as the ballet dancer which she dancing with Kelly for they happened ways. Upon her sister did not step by the dance, much to her tense, Barbie gives Kelly a belief advance, and telling her about the story of Clara Drosselmayer, a orphaned girl who living with her younger brother, Tommy, and grandfather Drosselmayer. She is a brave girl with kind-heart who had revealed as the Sugar Plum Princess. At the ended, Barbie hearing the story to makes Kelly believing, and now she wants her braving to the stage. Complete to her ballet step, Kelly is surely to be happy, Barbie hugged with her right away.

In "Barbie as Rapunzel", Barbie will painting with Kelly, which they also telling about Rapunzel's story. After finishing this story, she letting Kelly to be very fine, in the result, but would seeing her to drawing.

In Barbie of Swan Lake, Barbie arriving in the sleepaway camp in the night, even when she watching the children sleeping and check on that her sister is not here in the bed. Turning out that Kelly is sits outside as she missing home though not using the camp. Upon Kelly's upset, Barbie making her don't give up which she tells about the story of Princess Odette, a village girl who transforming into the swan by the evil wizard, Rothbart. After the story is hears, Kelly is should tires because she time to sleep. Barbie escorts her sister to the bed, and that looking to the Cygnus constellation before enters at the camp house.

In Barbie in A Christmas Carol, Kelly unwilling went to A Christmas Eve ball, which Barbie told her the story is about Eden Starling, a glamorous singing diva in Victorian England and the owner of a theatre house. After tells the story, she will know that Kelly changing her mind but agrees going to the donation party, upon Nikki appearing in the bedroom.

In Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale, Barbie traveling to France, Paris to meet her aunt, Millicent, and enters the fashion house to working with Marie-Alecia making all the clothes. She helps them to stop Jacqueline and Delphine from kidnapping the Flairies.

In Barbie: A Fairy Secret, she noticed that Ken is captured by Princess Graciella, who is being brainwashed by love potion using by the evil fairy, Crystal. As a result, Barbie later help Raquelle and the two fairies, Carrie and Taylor to save him and making the fairy princess get rid of her control by the potion.

In Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale, Barbie and her sisters arriving in Alpine Academy since they part of the summer in Swiss Apps. They encountering Marlene and her children, after which to learned riding the horses and stop Philippe Cheynet from committed a coup. At the horse race tournament, Barbie rides her favorite wild horse, Majesty, to matching with Philippe. She eventually wins this match causing him to failed, as her family makes her to be very honor.

But in the later movies, Barbie and her sisters lived in Willows, Wisconsin, they arriving in their grandmother's home and offers the 4 puppies. By the way, Barbie named her dog, Taffy, Chelsea named her puppy, Honey, Stacie named her dog, Rookie, and Skipper named her puppy, DJ. When they embarking to journey in order to discovered all the treasures, she and her sisters arriving in the cave and meets their enemies, Joe and Marty, which stops them from trying to taking jewels out for it.

Years later, in Princess Adventure, Barbie living in Malibu with her family, she and her friends traveling to the kingdom of Floravia and meeting Amelia, a princess who is similar to Barbie as she loving worked to her vlogs before becomes a queen. However, she later stopped Prince Johan from kidnaps the princess and taking over the kingdom.

At this year of Big City, Big Dreams, Barbie arriving in New York from Malibu, she attending in Handler School of Performing Arts with her friend, Brooklyn, a girl who lived in New York. But they actually to have the same name, with result to becomes the roommates together. Always more, Barbie then giving her own nicknamed Malibu, and begin to hanging out with Brooklyn. They meeting Emmie and Rafa, who are befriends with them, as they also part of the academy. Upon getting the Spotlight Solo, the girls appearing in the stage to performing during the livestream.

Goodness Zone

Due to her good-hearted, gentle, selfless, wise, and loyal nature, Barbie usually to be polite with Ken, her parents, sisters, and friends most. She probably to making virtues by all of the appearances.

Corrupting Factors

Not even having corrupt factor, Barbie is sometime setback in the way. In Barbie: Spy Squad, Barbie serving as the spy with Teresa and Renee. She discovering that Patricia, a thief who is a minion of Agent Dunbar. She stealing the jewelry to escaping, which will against her and her friends it much likely to be strike. With the help of her friends, Barbie then stops Dunbar from attempting coup. Upon her reforming, Patricia worked with the team to defeat Dunbar and that end his terror.

In Princess Adventure, Barbie is in Floravia with her friends. She switched the place with Amelia, but now disguised as the princess and spend more times with Alfonso at this way. Her friends is enjoy fun to trips. As Amelia is kidnapped and locked into the prince's yacht, Barbie going to save her which she is captured by Prince Johan and his guards. The guards takes her away, Barbie stepping them with her foot quickly to escaping, help Trey and The Dudes to does something, as which they could rescuing Amelia.

The boys is also captured and imprisoning, Barbie arriving in yacht that eventually caught, locking it to see Amelia. However, the girls flees from yacht and back to Floravia, they managing to stand up to Johan. When the prince is banned from the kingdom, Amelia becomes a queen of Floravia, Barbie joined celebration with her and her friends.

In Big City, Big Dreams, Barbie dancing with Emmie and Brooklyn in which they tripped away. She accidentally bumps Brooklyn, causing her falling into percussionist's drum and hurting her ankle, much to depression.

Admirable Standards

Actually, Barbie act as the mascot character in the series, which she also being voice of reason as well. However, she takes care of her sisters and her dog Taffy. In all the movies, Barbie played several roles the most popular, making everyone to be very blessed.

Final Verdict

Okay, I understand that she would be approved.