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This proposal is about Brooklyn Roberts from Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams.

What is the Work?

Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams is the 2021 American computer animated film and the 39th installment of the Barbie series. This story is about Barbie, a young girl from Malibu who dreams to become broadway star that arriving in Handler Arts Academy to keeps her studies. She meets with African-American girl named Barbie, who is the same name as her and its better known as her nicknamed Brooklyn. But as really, they makes friends together and helps seizing the Spotlight Solo to joined the concert at the live stream of Times Square.

Who is she? What has she done?

Barbie Roberts, also known as Brooklyn, is the daughter of Kelvin and Simone who had a best friend with the same name as her, so they nicknamed each other based on where they were from. Barbie is nicknamed "Brooklyn", and her friend is nicknamed "Malibu". She then be with fond of her musics and dances which only similar to her friend. She also reunited with her former partner, Emmie, who separated with her under of her father's controls.

Goodness Zone/Admirable Standards

Therefore was realizing that Brooklyn is extremely kind, supportive, loyal, charismatic, smart, honest, selfless, and friendly to Malibu as well as Emmie and Rafa. Despite her silly, she would meets the prominently heroism.

  • She begins arrived in the Handler Arts Academy and bumps Malibu each other, which they sharing the same hostel room after speak with custodian, who informing them that they have showed up a day early, and tells them where the two rooms are.
  • During exploring New York City, but on the subway, she and Malibu are watching the poster of a popstar named Emmie and is a big fan. She never seeing her old friend at long time ago, and by speedy to be friendship with Malibu.
  • She and Malibu are coming into the costume room and encountered with outfit student, Rafa, who gives them shining dresses that are supposed to twinkle, but the remote control he using to light up the dresses is errors.
  • Joining the meals with Emmie, who disguise to attending the school, and Rafa, she eventually to reunited with her friend due to her learned about Mr. Miller is manipulating her and forcing her to break up with Brooklyn.
  • Arrival in the Central Park to donned the dresses which is gives by Rafa, she would telling Malibu that her mother is a pilot and her father is worried about her. "Malibu" Barbie is able to related as her father is also anxious of about her being in NYC. They would taking photos to send to their fathers and dancing and twist on front of a fountain, making their dresses became shining.
  • Despite being bumped by Malibu and falling into a percussionist's drum upon their dancing with Emmie, she find the doctor to healing her ankle and arriving in the park to dancing with Malibu and Rafa, while they sings a song "Good Vibes".
  • Upon her setback, she against Malibu for pushing her down and they stop friendships.
  • Despite disgusted to Malibu, she feeling apologized to her which they decides to recreated friendship and gained the Spotlight Solo. With honor, the girls joining the concert after Emmie revealed her true identity and introduced them during the live stream.
  • She supporting Ken and his friends.
  • She help Barbie's sisters, Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea.
  • She and Malibu are get helps to stalling while they writing and rehearse the songs.
  • She helping Teresa, Renée. Daisy, and Nikki.
  • She never tried to kill Malibu when the latter accidentally to knocked her.
  • Upon the Dash wanting to shot a film for Handler's annual film festival, she and Malibu agree to making him filming them.

Corrupting Factors

I would be thought that she dancing with Emmie and Malibu, which they accidentally bumping each other. Also sees it, Malibu is the most worst after she always dancing and that clumsy to bumped Emmie as well as Brooklyn. Brooklyn is bit upset after being knocked by Malibu, and causing herself falling into a percussionist's drum and injured her ankle.

Final Verdict

Together with Malibu, she shall be qualified due to her good and devoted nature.