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This proposal is about Princess Alexa from Barbie and the Secret Door.

What is the Work?

Barbie and the Secret Door is 2014 American-Canadian animated musical fantasy film and the 28th installment of the Barbie movies. The film is about Alexa, a young princess who agreeing with found out the secret door by the kingdom will advanced to the fanciful realm and encounters with the magical creatures.

Alexa helped with Nori and a mermaid Romy to finds their losses fairy wing and mermaid tail which being stolen over by the evil Princess Malucia with the magic scepter. Malucia had target that she grips the numerous creatures with her magic powers, ruled the kingdom of Zinnia to signify served as the queen by herself.

Later on, Alexa, Romy, and Nori are encountered with one of the most powerful creatures, Queen Unicorn, who is living in the potential place of Zinnia with her three childrens. Likely that on, Alexa along with Nori and Romy are tried to preventing Malucia from keeps doing nefarious, which supposed to restored all of the magic for several creatures.

Who is she? What has she done?

Alexa is the daughter of Queen Adrienne and King Terrance, served as the main character of the film. When the beginning is her reading the book on the bedroom as well as leaving later to danced the waltz with Mr. Primrose. As the happening was to feeling that, Alexa and Primrose are falling over each other while they are dancing. Alexa accidentally injured Primrose's leg, she will definitely apologized with him and it will be fine. Give him to be rested, Alexa also danced with her two friends, Jenna and Samantha and talking to her grandmother with the chance. After gives her the magical book by her grandmother, Alexa eventually left the kingdom to saw the secret door in while to unlocks out it.

Compassing into the kingdom of Zinnia, Alexa has understand that her yellow dress is changed to the pink for meets with the bouncers, the magic creatures who takes her to the forest with floatage island. At this point, Alexa saw an arrow on the branch and ended up hiding. While Nori and Romy are looking for Alexa, the bouncers sees an arrow shoot at the branch then fainted when they are scared. Alexa comes out, she has been greeted by Nori and Romy, wondering it know that Malucia expects had done more evildoing because she has mastered the evil powers with her magic scepter since her parents left, and then robbed all the magic of many creatures to conquered the kingdom.

Watching to Nori and Romy are dancing, Alexa also seeing many wingless fairies to dancing up now on her catch sight of this. Romy fell down while after dancing, Alexa asked her to getting up yet everything for nothing connived on urged burden. When Malucia kidnapped the blue fairy called Nola, who taking to her kingdom. However, Malucia very abominable but that she would sucking Nola and several fairies wings into her scepter which bring about them to be dread. First of all, Malucia deliberately tricked Nola because they tried to deal with each other. Alexa will always be able to strengthen her magical power, originally intends to returned all fairy wings and mermaid tails to them.

The result is even worse because Malucia is too wicked, stealing all the powers of magical creatures then will be annoying it. Before collaborating against Malucia, Alexa, Nori, and Romy are arriving in the grove to meeting Queen Unicorn and the three unicorns. Do its knows that even Malucia is attempted to leading the sniffers and trogs to captured Queen Unicorn and various unicorns for else where they were takes them into the castle, Alexa going away to rescue them with her two friends. By the way to the kingdom, Alexa, Nori, and Romy are discovers that Malucia was willing steals Queen Unicorn and other unicorns's magic powers, sucked their horns into her scepter.

Malucia's scepter is changed to large as the major kingdom would become the darkest, Alexa, Nori, and Romy enter the palace together and fight against each other with Malucia. Nori and Romy are unfortunately caught, and they revealed that Malucia was fighting against Alexa in order to make her figure very tall. Malucia always hopeless with Alexa as she trying to steal a lot of magic by her so that she would be thwarted in order to received herself. Malucia finally showed up when she was defeated by Alexa and meeting her parents again but was forced to clean up, Alexa will take back all the magic and return it directly to Nola and all of the magical creatures.

She will returning a fairy wing and a mermaid tail to Nori and Romy, all for their returning to normal. Perhaps this is the case, Alexa still returned many horns to Queen Unicorn and the three unicorns to restore their powers anymore. After Zinnia is eventually restored, Mostly of the fairies, mermaids, and unicorns definitely thanks for her, Alexa had to leaves Zinnia as well as Nori, Romy, and Queen Unicorn that she farewell to them before back to the kingdom. Returned to the kingdom, Alexa saw that the secret door had long since disappeared that walking back to the palace to mets her parents and grandmother once more. At the royal ball, Alexa danced with her father and later was Jenna and Samantha.

Goodness Zone

Alexa is a brave, kind, and confident young woman who usually likes to read for herself and doesn't whatever performs on royal obligations. At least to being shy, Alexa had to calm down afterwards. So she didn't needs to do the wrong business likes her friends, just to be happy for her parents. Due to her courage, she is also saving Zinnia from great threats by Malucia. When returning to the palace, Alexa decided to greet a handsome Prince Kieran after her completed speech to everyone.

Corrupting Factors

Certainly not. Alexa accidentally tripped to Primrose with her own feet while she dancing with him. In addition, she immediately helped him up to give him a rest. It turned out she wanted to know that Malucia was an unyielding tyrantess. Alexa actually pretended to surrendered by Malucia when she opposed to her. Its known that there would be a way, when she see Malucia stealing all the magic powers with the scepter. As the scepter has necessary break out, Malucia virtually to be failure by her against Alexa.

Admirable Standards

Although it is very good for all magic, Alexa will use her own magical wand to changed Nori's red dress into yellow, can also turn Romy's hair into short hair. After changing them back, Alexa won against Malucia and then turned on her pink dress into a petal dress. Both Nori and Romy are back to the original fairy and mermaid.

Final Verdict

Okay, its fine, we might thinks that she could be qualified.

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