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For my second Pure Good Proposal, I will be doing Fix-It Felix, Jr.

What's The Work

Wreck-It Ralph is a comedy movie where in every arcade game, all the characters are sentient and treat their gameplay as jobs. In one particular arcade owned by Mr. Litwack, all the villain characters are chastised by the more heroic characters. One of the villain characters, Wreck-It Ralph from the game, Fix-It Felix, Jr., grows tired of it and abandons his game to earn a medal in Hero's Duty.

After skipping the game to go straight for the medal and is awarded it, he is attacked by a Cy-Bug and forced into an escape pod, flies out of Hero's Duty and into Sugar Rush. The medal is stolen by Vanellope von Schweetz who uses it to enter a race. Because she is a glitch, she is rebuked by the other racers, who destroy her car. Ralph agrees to help Vanellope build her car and in return, Vanellope wins the race and gets Ralph the medal. Meanwhile, King Candy and Sour Bill will be trying to stop Vanellope from racing, and Felix and Sergeant Calhoun would be tracking down Ralph and the Cy-Bug.

A more detailed plot can be read at Wikipedia. Felix also appears in the sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet, which is about Ralph and Vanellope traversing the internet to get a steering wheel to fix Sugar Rush.

Who is He/What Has He Done?

Fix-It Felix, Jr. is the tritagonist of Wreck-It Ralph and the titular main protagonist of the fictional game of the same name. He is also a supporting protagonist of Ralph Breaks the Internet. In Fix-It Felix, Jr., Felix fixes up a penthouse after Wreck-It Ralph wrecks it and is awarded a medal for it by the Nicelanders.

At the beginning of the movie, the Nicelanders along with Feix are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the game. When Ralph finds out he wasn't invited, he goes in the penthouse and knocks on the door to the dance room. Felix answers and after an awkward conversation, Felix allows Ralph in despite the Nicelanders not liking Ralph. Ralph and Gene eventually get into an argument about the cake, which is a mock-up of the penthouse featuring Felix on the roof with a medal and Ralph in the mud. Despite Felix recommending that they just eat the cake, the argument comes to a point where Ralph destroys the cake and sets out to earn a medal to win the Nicelanders' approval.

The next day, Ralph is absent from Fix-It Felix, Jr. and the game is determined to be out of order. Felix learns from Q-Bert that Ralph has gone to Hero's Duty. There he allies with Sergeant Calhoun, whom he falls in love with, and sees Ralph and a Cy-Bug in an escape pod fly by them and crash land into another game, Sugar Rush. Felix and Calhoun search Sugar Rush and end up falling into Nesquik sand. After getting slapped by Calhoun for freaking out, Laffy Taffy vines start laughing and reaching in. Felix convinces Calhoun to keep slapping him until they can grab onto the Laffy Taffy vines, which they successfully manage to do.

While in a shuttle with Calhoun, Felix calls Calhoun "one dynamite gal", which reminds Calhoun of her husband who was killed by a Cy-Bug, prompting Calhoun to kick Felix out of her shuttle. Felix finds a castle and knocks on its door. Sour Bill opens the door and arrests Felix to avoid a repeat of his and King Candy's situation with Ralph. Later, while Felix is in the cell, Ralph breaks through a wall in the cell. Felix confronts Ralph and rants about being treated like a criminal. Ralph points out that is how he is treated everyday, but right now wants Felix to fix Vanellope's kart, which he wrecked earlier to prevent Vanellope from racing. Felix happily obliges.

At the race track, Ralph and Felix watch Vanellope from a screen as she races. Calhoun appears and reveals that because of Ralph bringing a Cy-Bug, a whole swarm of Cy-Bugs will consume Sugar Rush and eventually the arcade. Ralph, Felix, and Calhoun help everyone in Sugar Rush evacuate, though Vanellope can't leave because she is glitch. Ralph goes to the Coca-Cola and Mentos volcano and unleashes all the Mentos into the Coca-Cola to create a beacon of light that attracts and kills the Cy-Bugs, saving Sugar Rush. Felix and Calhoun eventually marry.

In Ralph Breaks the Internet, Sugar Rush goes out of order after the steering wheel breaks, forcing its inhabitants to go homeless. Felix and Calhoun adopt the racers from Sugar Rush who quickly stress Felix out because of their energetic and impolite nature. However, by the end of the film, Felix and Calhoun manage to raise the racers into polite kids who treat each other nicely.

Corrupting Factors

There is really only one part that stuck out to me: the scene in the cell where Felix is ranting about how the world is treating him like a criminal because he his game is threatened with being unplugged thanks to Ralph, and because he was rejected by Calhoun and arrested by Sour Bill. However, in his circumstance, his rant was reasonable. He was treated nicely his entire life only to suddenly be rejected by a love interest and thrown in jail. He was naive and didn't realize that Ralph was treated this way his entire life. Once Felix understands this thanks to Ralph's explanation, he doesn't do this again and treats Ralph with respect.

Otherwise, Felix is genuinely kind, despite being spoiled by the Nicelanders. Though he initially seems to be insensitive to Ralph, it is mostly due to him being naive and stops being insensitive following the jail scene. Plus, even before then, he still treated Ralph with respect and tried to help him the best he could.

Admirable Standard

Out of all the Nicelanders, Felix was the most genuinely nicest, especially towards Ralph. In fact, he is one of the nicest characters in the franchise. He also crossed the goodness zones a few times. When Fix-It Felix, Jr. was marked as "Out of Order", Felix went out to search for Ralph to save the game. When he and Calhoun are trapped in Nesquik sand, he is willing to have Calhoun slap him in order for the Laffy Taffy vines to laugh and reach out towards Calhoun and Felix enough for them to pull out.

When Ralph requested for Felix to fix Vanellope's kart for her to race, Felix does. When the Cy-Bug swarm Sugar Rush, Felix aids in evacuating the inhabitants. One additional heroic moment, this time in Ralph Breaks the Internet, Felix and Calhoun raised the racers from obnoxious racers to polite racers.

Final Verdict

Whether or not Felix is Pure Good is up to the community. Considering that he is one of the nicest characters in the franchise and really only had one heating-up moment in the jail scene, which he learned from and developed. he does meet the criteria and should be considered Pure Good.