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For my next proposal, I will be doing Rex from We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story.

What's the Work?

We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story is an animated film based off the children's book of the same name. It is about four dinosaurs being captured by Captain Neweyes and gaining sentience through being fed Brain Gain. Neweyes's plan is to bring dinosaurs back to 1993 to fulfill the wishes of many children. The dinosaurs are sent to New York City in 1993 to find Dr. Julia Bleeb, who will take them to the Museum of Natural History. However, the dinosaurs end up missing the meeting and they go on to an adventure to go to the Museum of Natural History.

Who is He? What Has He Done?

Rex is an orange Tyrannosaurus rex and one of the four dinosaurs captured by Captain Neweyes in order to be given sentience and to fulfill the wishes of many children. In the ship, Neweyes tells the dinosaurs to meet up with Dr. Julia Bleeb in order for him to take them to the Museum of Natural History. Neweyes also tells the dinosaurs to avoid Professor Screweyes, who went mad after losing his eye.

The dinosaurs are dropped off into Hudson River in 1993, but miss their meeting with Dr. Bleeb. The dinosaurs decide to journey to the Museum of Natural History themselves. They meet two human children (who are running away to the circus) along the way: Louie and Cecilia Nuthatch. The dinosaurs disguise as robots in a parade and Rex sings "Roll Back the Rock" before accidentally breaking an Apatosaurus balloon, which breaks the illusion of them being robots and sends the citizens running away in panic.

Louie and Cecilia go to Central Park to find a circus. The dinosaurs find a poster for Screweyes's horror-themed circus. Rex recognizes Screweyes as the person they were warned about and realizes they must find Louie and Cecilia. However, the dinosaurs are found by the police, who give chase to the dinosaurs. Rex finds a car and rides it away from the police and to a city bridge where he sees the other dinosaurs surrounded by the police. Rex rides the car to the dinosaurs and saves them, but ends up going into a building that is subsequently demolished, blowing the dinosaurs into Central Park.

The dinosaurs find Screweyes's circus and learn that he has Louie and Cecilia already under contract. Screweyes turns Louie and Cecilia into monkeys. Knowing the dinosaurs won't kill him, he offers Brain Drain to the dinosaurs so they can turn to monsters to scare the audience during the circus, in return to the children turning back to humans. Seeing no other way, they relunctantly do so. The next day, a clown named Stubbs shows Louie and Cecilia the now-monstrous dinosaurs, much to their horror.

During a circus performance, Screweyes shows off the dinosaurs, which succeed in scaring the audience. Screweyes attempts to hypnotize Rex, but the accidental activation of flare lights interferes with the trick and Rex grabs Screweyes with intention of eating him. Louie comes on stage and pleas to Rex not to eat him. The pleas successfully turn Rex and the dinosaurs back to their sentient personalities. Neweyes's ship comes to stage and the dinosaurs and the children board it.

The dinosaurs are taken to the museum. They are shown off to the kids as an exhibition, fulfilling wishes of many children and Neweyes's plan. Many years later, Louie and Cecilia reconcile with their parents. Afterwards, while playing golf, Rex meets a bird named Buster who is running away to the circus. Rex tells the story of his adventure so Buster can reconcile with her parents.

Corrupting Qualities

Rex has two personalities: mindless and sentient. While he does start out as mindless, his sentient personality is the most remembered and is what is responsible for all his heroic actions. While his mindless personality is savage, vindictive, and monsterous, his sentient personality is kind, adventurous, and heroic. It is in no way villainous. He even shows remorse for being a monster back in the prehistoric era. His ultimate goal is to go to the museum to fulfill the wishes of many children, which he doesn't give up on and ends up succeeding.

In the parade, he didn't mean to scare off the citizens. He did run away from the resulting police, but he had just learned at the time that Louie and Cecilia were potentially in danger, so obviously he'd run away from the police rather than harming them or giving up. He does steal a car to run away from the police, but he stole it for altruistic reasons as he had to escape from the police and would've likely not kept it after the escape even if it wasn't destroyed by the demolishing building.

When Screweyes turns Louie and Cecilia into monkeys, Rex is about to threaten to harm Screweyes if he doesn't change them back, but as Screweyes points out, the dinosaurs are way too civilized to ever do such a thing. When Rex does take the Brain Drain and turns back into his mindless personality, it was only to release Louie and Cecilia from their contract and be turned back into humans. Not to mention, he reverts back to his sentient personality thanks to the pleas of Louie.

Admirable Standard

Rex is the most kindest and heroic of the four dinosaurs. He is also the most prominent. The other three dinosaurs don't do much in comparison and mostly are just there to accomplish the same goal as Rex, that being going to the museum to fulfill Neweyes's plan and the wishes of many children. Often times, the other dinosaurs are just doing the same thing as Rex.

When the dinosaurs find the poster, Rex is the first one to realize that Louie and Cecilia are in danger. During the police chase, Rex saves the other dinosaurs from being captured by the police. When Screweyes offers the Brain Drain in return for Louie and Cecilia's freedom, he is the first one to take the offer. Rex is the first dinosaur to rehabilitate back to his sentient personality thanks to Louie's pleas. He and the dinosaurs succeed in their goals and fulfill the wishes of many children, and he convinces Buster to reconcile with her parents many years later.

Final Verdict

I believe Rex is pure good, but whether or not he is pure good is up to the community to decide.