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For my third proposal, I will be doing Shep from Interstella 5555

What is the Work

Interstella 5555 is an anime film created as a visual realization of the Daft Punk album, Discovery. All the scenes can be viewed on YouTube in the form of the official music videos of the songs from Discovery watched in track order. It is about an alien pop band being kidnapped by Earl de Darkwood, a human who wants to use them in order to collect the last golden certification needed to take over the universe. Meanwhile, Shep is sent by the planet to save the pop band.

Who is He/What Has He Done?

Shep is an alien soldier obsessed with a pop band, or more specifically, the member named Stella. He is sent by his home planet to find and save the kidnapped pop band. He pursues a ship to Earth where finds out that the pop band has been turned to humans and are being mind-controlled into playing as band known as the Crescendolls.

During a concert, he uses a device to break three of the four members out of the mind control, but is blocked before he can break the mind control of Stella. He is wounded while he and the three band members escape. Stella is later freed from the mind control by one of the band members, Baryl. The band gathers around a wounded Shep, who reveals to them that they were an alien pop band. Stella falls in love with Shep and they share a romantic moment before Shep dies.

The pop band would later discover Earl de Darkwood's plan to take over the universe and put an end to it. They later retrieve their physical appearances back and with the humans' help, travel back to their home planet. While in the wormhole, Shep's spirit protects the ship from the spirit of Earl. On the home planet, a statue of Shep is erected in his honor.

Corrupting Factors

None that I can think of. His obsession with the pop band and Stella doesn't really hinder his heroism, considering that the entire movie is about the pop band. The fact that Shep was trusted with finding the band implies that he has had a history of heroism, meaning that he would've saved the band whether or not he was obsessed with them.

Admirable Standard

He saves the pop band from their kidnapping and their mind control, and reveals to them their true origins. This would've been heroic on its own, especially within the film itself. However, while he probably did not know Earl's plan, if it weren't for him saving the band, they wouldn't of found Earl's plan of conquering the universe and put an end to it, and they would've likely been killed.

Earl's spirit would attack the band's ship while it is traveling to its home planet, though Shep's spirit retaliates against it, saving the ship from destruction. It's unknown if Shep's spirit found out about Earl's plan and became content with his saving the band indirectly stopping the plan. Considering that he saved the ship from Earl's spirit near the end of the film, he may have found out about the plan. It is implied by the fact that Shep was trusted with finding and saving the band that Shep has had a history of heroism.

Final Verdict

His actions that led to the stopping of Earl's takeover of the universe and the fact that he has no corrupting factors leads me to believe that Shep is Pure Good. Though that is up for the community to decide, particularly of whether or not Shep truly is admirable enough.