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  • Bio I don’t accept such incompetence every where.
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  • Lord Arktivus Brevon

    After a while, I have decided to create another blog post, and this is a removal for Webby from the 2017 incarnation.

    Webby is one of the main protagonists in the "decent" reboot of the original Ducktales series, alongside Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck.

    Not because I hate Webby, no, I don't. But there are still forms of corrupting factors around her.

    Look at the good side, Webby is a good bond protector by accepting Lena Sabrewing as her best friend. She also helped the Duck family save the day from evil forces.

    The other hand? Webby is mischievous, as she has unusual behaviors as seen in the plot, by settling up traps and nearly harmed the duck trio. She also has obsession with blood and pure violence, and not all Tomboyish Pure Good Heroes would…

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  • Lord Arktivus Brevon

    From my previous proposals, most of my removals were female characters. It is just the media they are in that makes them not under pure good. So today, this is the proposal for a female character, Shizuka Minamoto.

    Shizuka Minamoto is one of the main protagonists of the series Doraemon, the Japanese animated series with its comic books.

    I propose to her because she is kind and friendly. But what do I mean by that? Well, she appears to be honorable, as she always does her homework, practicing piano and violin, and helping her parents. She never tells lies (if I'm not wrong), as she is always telling the truth to people. She is also helpful to people, as one of the times I can see her preventing Suneo and Gian from abusing Nobita at one moment. …

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  • Lord Arktivus Brevon

    You know, when making Pure Good blog posts, it was a failure at first for Noctis and Solar Flare, but then it comes to success for the removal of Olivia. Now, I'm going to make another PG Removal and I hope everyone are mostly familiar with the work.

    This is the Pure Good Removal for Queen Delightful from The 7D, who is the queen of Jollywood. When there's trouble, she would ring the bell to summon the titular heroes.

    Remember, this is the show where Snow White does not play any roles here.

    Queen Delightful is under Pure Good, but I doubt this. She is highly mischievous and not taken seriously. Thus, there are also moments that she shows arrogance, due to the fact she is the queen, and she wins all of the time.

    To be fair, all of the characters…

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  • Lord Arktivus Brevon

    This is a Pure Good Removal for two characters, Shaun the Sheep, and Bitzer from Shaun the Sheep.

    As most of you may know, Shaun the sheep is the main protagonist from the titular series, and Bitzer is also another protagonist. Shaun is a sheep strategist while Bitzer is the farmer's sheepdog.

    I'm trying to put my best opinion why they cannot be considered as Pure Good.

    • Shaun: He may considered as a heroic character, but after everything I have seen, he is a little mischievous, as he would play pranks on Bitzer in some episodes. In the movie, he also trapped the farmer in a caravan to earn freedom for his own.
    • Bitzer: His actions are not really considered as pure good. He also too much of an anti-hero and from my view, a little to wrathful.

    But …

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  • Lord Arktivus Brevon

    Important note: This proposal only apply to the Space Jam incarnation of Michael Jordan.

    After watching Space Jam and checked out his article, I decided to make a Pure Good Proposal for him.

    As most of you know, Michael Jordan is a popular basketball player, and one of the supporting protagonists of Space Jam.

    From all my perspective, he was once retired from basketball to baseball player, and from a baseball player to a golf player. Until then, the Looney Tunes characters dragged him to their world and begged him to help them defeat the boosted Monstars. He accepted to help them, even if his experience of basketball playing was low.

    He seems to care for his family, although not always being on-screen.

    In the end of the film, he helped the former …

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