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An image obviously not of Perdita but of Dog Mom from dozens of spotted dogs Disney franchise territory.

NOTE: Permission was given by EmeraldBlade95 for this proposal on Dog Mom.

The page focuses mainly on the 1961 film and the original book(s) by Dodie Smith. Any other works will be mentioned the least than with the main said originals, with some few exceptions.

I am doing a Pure Good Proposal on Perdita for One Hundred And One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith and 101 Dalmatians 1961 film, as well as her continued part in 101 Dalmatians (Series) and possibly minor information about 101 Dalmatian Street. Stephen Herek's directed depiction of Perdita, or her cameo as a literal pup at the end of the film Cruella will not be counting on this page.


What is the work?

(There are different interpretations through various crossovers, spin-offs, alternate continuities that take a different turn than the main originals having similarly consistent stories. (Although, the series as Cruella wanting to take the barn but it is still established that the animated series Cruella DID kidnap the Dalmatians prior to the series making the film before the series and counting the series to some extent.)

101 Dalmatians is a franchise pertaining to the story goes as follow two Dalmatians Pongo and Perdita having 15 dalmatian puppies all thanks to a bond creation with merely having Rodger and Anita down the lake. They care for these 15 pups and then they are kidnapped by Horace and Jasper under the order by the franchise's antagonist Cruella De Vil. The Dalmatians howl for information from the other Dogs for the where-abouts and then find the 15 Dalmatians and 84 other Dalmatians rescuing them from Jasper and Horce and Cruella. And eventually takes care of the Dalmatian puppies. This story is merely done over and over through most works to the point of the story being boiled down to Dalmatian Parents save their puppies from an old lady turning the Dalmatians into a coat.

The books may be more different to some extent, as well as other works which is why I am pointing these things out so people will get a clear idea on the work itself. And the different things from her that are likely not in the main canon are but not limited to, the Live-Action Film which solely takes a different take then the original, the Cruella Film, Sensational Six (possibly), and Cruella.

Who is the character?

Perdita is the deuteragonist/tritagonist in One Hundred and One Dalmatians and it's 1961 animated film, who saves the kidnapped 15 Dalmatians and presumably takes in the 84 Dalmatians also kidnapped by Cruella with the help of accomplishing henchmen being Horace and Jasper fighting against the two Henchmen brothers and saving the Dalmatians from Cruella.

Admirable Standards

One thing we know is that she has shown to have a moral agency as she has sentient anthropomorphism much like her husband Pongo.

She also saves her 15 Dalmatian pups with the help of Pongo another Pure Good showing they have merely the same standards together, fighting against Horace and Jasper and safely brining the Dalmatians back home.

She also saves not just the 15 but the 84 resulting to 99 Dalmatians that Pongo and Perdita presumably saves.

As well as in the later on works which I think are really small and alternate continuities but of her caring for a fostered kitten or more that Cruella once owned and likely did not treat with the proper care. As well as likely raising the Dalmatians well enough for the Dalmatians to have families like in 102 Dalmatians or 101 Dalmatian Street being great great grandparents. Either way as there are next generations either way showing how well Perdita and Pongo did as great great grand-parents which shows how well they did parenting their Dalmatians in the first place creating possible families based upon the root of the spin-offs you want to look into as well as adoptive siblings (in-law) for Chloe and Kevin Shepherd.

Corrupting Factors

The only corrupting factors I can point out is possible when Pongo and Perdita meets which cost Rodger and Anita to go in the lake. As well as her good not being as relevant and in spin-offs being mentioned long ago. However, these are small preventions that I cannot be sure are valid preventions since they are mostly outweighed by her admirable standards.

And maybe her rivalry with Cruella could arguably posthumously be a corrupting factor in the spin-off 101 Dalmatian Street risking the next generation's life. But 1. It was not her fault at all for this since Cruella was and still likely is so obsessed with turning the Dalmatian puppies into her coat plain and simply for being a wearable accessory for Cruella for her selfish-motivations. and 2. The spin-off is rather an alternative continuity anyways. It may be likely that Perdita and Pongo tried their best to not have the Dalmatians anywhat near Cruella or anything that even resembled Cruella like in 101 Dalmatian (Series) as evident to the episodes of Pongo and Perdita protecting the Dalmatian Pups from Cruella alongside the mentioned admirable standards of what Perdita does that makes her Pure Good.

Overall, her preventions are just her admirable standards not being as active due to the fact that she aged and likely passed and when Pongo and Perdita met it led to Rodger and Anita falling into a lake. And her inactivity to provide for her Dalmatians when possibly aging and living on else-wise or presumably being deceased is not her fault for a corrupting factor since Dogs have shorter life spans than humans as Doug Dalmatian in the first episode of 101 Dalmatian Street "Dog's Best Friend" even says so.


I would say Perdita is Pure Good for both her Dodie Smith Book (showing her debuted admirable standards) 1961 film (focusing on the main primary admirable standards), series and 101 Dalmatian Street (focusing on her cameo/flashback admirable standards that do not re-conists as much but are merely overarching or posthumous admirable standards that other characters do not get as close to Perdita's anyways. So, I would give a Yes for that reason.