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Who Is he

Ultraman, also known as Ken Sato is the titular main protagonist of the 2024 Netflix cgi animated film Ultraman: Rising. He is the son of Hayo and Emiko Sato.

Whats the work

As stated above, Ultraman: Rising is a 2024 Netflix cgi animated film based of the franchise of the same name. The film focuses on a baseball player named Ken Sato as he balances playing baseball while also taking on the role of Ultraman and taking care of an infant kaiju named Emi.

What Makes Him Pure Good

  • Throughout the film, he took care of Emi and basically took the role of her father (ie feeding her and teaching her how to hunt) , all while protecting her from the KDF and Onda.
  • Helped calm down Emi while his father fixed her dislocated arm.
  • Helped his team become better at baseball and win the championship
  • Defeated Dr. Onda with the help of Gigantron, his father, and Emi, preventing him from wiping out all kaiju.
  • Upon learning that his father truly was proud of his accomplishments and that he did try to look for his mother when she went missing, he forgave him and reconciled with him.
  • Jumped on top of Dr. Onda mech, preventing the explosion he set off from reaching the coast and killing countless people

Mitagating Factors

  • While he initially started off cocky and arrogant, he eventually subverted it after becoming a parent to Emi, With him ultimately becoming more humble and open to others and ask for help, as well as being willing to teach his teammates how to play better at baseball rather than relying on himself alone to win the game for them.
  • While he was initially reluctant to continue his father’s legacy, by the end of the film, he ultimately accepted his role as Ultraman after his father taught him the importance of keeping balance.
    • Similarly, while initially reluctant to take care of Emi, after a while, he eventually grew to care about her and love her, with him being more determined to protect her.
  • While he did try to destroy Gigantron while she was under the KDF’s control, at the time he thought she  had died and was turned into a mech. Upon realizing she was still alive under the Mecha armor, he stopped himself.

Admirable Standard

Since this film has no connection to the m78 universe and is its own thing entirely, he doesn’t have to be compared to the ultras and human host of that universe. While he spends most of the film protecting Emi, he eventually passes the goodness zone by preventing the explosion Onda set off from reaching the coastline, thus saving possibly millions of lives. Additionally, by stopping Onda, he prevented him from wiping out all kaiju. Because of this, he basically sets the standard of his universe.

Final Verdict

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