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Well, here it is. My first pure good proposal. Total Drama is one of my favourite franchises, so I thought this would be a good place to start. However, almost all non-approved contestants either have no substantial heroism or have some major disqualifying factors. However, I did manage to find one contestant that might qualify. Introducing the candidate of this proposal, Brick McArthur.

What's the work?

Total Drama is a TV series on Cartoon Network parodying Survivor. It follows the contestants at a crummy summer camp, Camp Wawanakwa, as they have to participate in challenges every couple of days, with the losers being forced to boot someone off the island. Brick comes from the 4th season, where the Island was covered in toxic waste.

Who is he/What has he done?

Brick is a major protagonist in the 4th season, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, with his title being "The Cadet".

In the first two episodes, he doesn’t do much beyond helping his team win the challenges. In episode three, he shows his chivalrous nature by going easy on Jo during their fight for leadership, allowing her to be the leader. Brick really begins to shine in episode 4, where he refuses to abandon Zoey after she disappears, even when Jo says that it doesn’t matter. He claimed throughout the episode that it went against his code to leave anyone behind. When he ends up costing the team the challenge by listening to Jo and going on to the finish on his own, he decides to quit, saying that he does not deserve to win because he broke his code. Chris decides to have him switch teams instead.

Brick spends most of episode 5 trying to prove his worth to his new team. Despite him (accidentally) annoying them with his alarm clock, he proves his worth to the team by winning the first part of the challenge and almost winning the second. Scott planned on framing Brick for being a thief, but when Dawn catches on to his antics, he frames her instead. Brick is presumed to have voted for Dawn along with the others. Episode 6 doesn’t really do much for Brick, with the only thing of importance being the team swap, in which Scott leaves in return for Jo. Despite Brick trying to be civil, Jo immediately shows that she is going to try to take over the team.

Episode seven is Brick’s most important episode by far. The episode starts with Brick telling Jo that if she wants to stay on the team, she has to listen to him, and never leave a man behind. Jo agrees to the terms, but secretly plans to get Lightning to help eliminate him. During the challenge, he gets separated from Jo and Lightning, where he learns how to combat the mutant gophers. When he finally runs into Jo and Lightning again, they all get captured by the gophers. When Mike, Zoey, Cameron and Scott arrive, Brick helps them escape by throwing his boot at the gophers. Brick gets his Chris McLean Statue, which would give his team immunity. However, after seeing Zoey, Mike and Cameron being attacked by the mutant gophers, he crosses the admirable standard by saving their lives by using the statue, giving up immunity. He gets eliminated by Lightning and Jo because he helped the opponents, but when he is eliminated, the other contestants salute him, thankful for saving their lives.

Admirable Standard

Brick easily passes the general and system standards by never leaving a man behind and more importantly, giving up immunity to save the lives of three other competitors. As for the in-story standards, they are actually quite low, despite having 4 PGs. The main competition for Brick are...

  • DJ: After regretting cheating with Chef, he gave up a chance at a million dollars for his morals.
  • Zoey: Zoey saved Cameron from Larry at the cost of immunity and helped defeat Mal.
  • Mike: Mike ended up defeating Mal, who was trying to hurt the other competitors.
  • Shawn: Shawn attempted to sacrifice himself in what he thought was a zombie apocalypse to save Jasmine.

Despite these character's heroic actions, I would still say that Brick qualifies due to him never leaving a man behind and saving the lives of three other campers.

Corrupting Factors

Brick might seem like he has a couple of corrupting factors at first, but in the end, none of them hold up. The main thing that comes to mind is his fierce rivalry with Jo. These 2 clash a lot during the story due their different natures. However, it becomes clearer later on that Brick has no real animosity to Jo, and is only her enemy because she has no problem leaving her other teammates behind and she keeps calling her teammates dead weight. The second she agrees not to abandon her teammates, he has no problem trying to work with her.

He does not have any other corrupting factors. While he does get mad at Dawn when Scott framed her, this is only because he thought she was a thief. His team also claimed that he went off on his own in "A mine is a terrible thing to waste", but in reality, he had no intention of leaving them and was abandoned by his team. He also doesn't object when Lightning says that Sam is the weakest team member, but it is clear that Brick did not hold any ill will against Sam, unlike Scott and Lightning. In summary, none of his disqualifying factors hold up.


Brick is probably one of the most heroic Total Drama competitors to date. His heroic attitude, refusal to abandon his teammates, and his heroic actions make him one of the best Total Drama heroes. I think that he qualifies.