Mikey Spletzer

  • I live in Me: Pavlovsky-Posad, Russia; Mikey: Inkopolis./Я: Павловский-Посад, Россия; Майки: Инкополис.
  • My occupation is ?
  • I am Male./Парень.
  • Mikey Spletzer

    Well, my first proposal is failed. I think she (yes, I would call 8 "She") deserve the proposal, because what did somebody find anti-heroic in her personality? That fact what she's octoling? Well, this is racism, don't be racist, white dudes, and yeah, same think to black dudes, and asian dudes (if they can be racists).

    Wait, where did I stop? Oh yeah, Agent 8.

    Splatoon 2 is the G-rated third-person shooter, about 2 races: Inklings and Octolings and, obviously, the sequel of Splatoon (I haven't got any games, but I fan of this little franchise).

    Octo Expansion is the DLC for this game, which feels (at, least, for me), like a spy fiction (one of my favorite genres). Plot tells about Agent 8, octoling, that lost her memories and Cap'n Cuttlefish u…

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  • Mikey Spletzer

    This is my first proposal for this wiki. That fact, what this guy isn't proposed getting under my skin for very long time, but now I can propose him.

    Incredibles 2 is twentieth Pixar's animated film.

    Plot: After mass destruction that Parr family accidentally bring when tried to stop Underminer, Government choose to make superheroes illegal, again, but this dude want to fix this problem and also hiring 3 superheroes (including Elastigirl) to let them do good things.

    Winston Deavor is the movie's deutagonist and telecommunication mogul, who wants to legalized superheroes.

    He's father was the close friend for superheroes. After they was illegalized, some thieves attack Deavors' and killed Winston's and his sister's (Evelyn's) father and later their…

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