Howdy! Hope y'all are well! Tonight I decided to get back into some more Pokémon Pure Good related discussions, and so I'm back with a new proposal for both Brendan and May from the Pokémon series, originating from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. I decided to do them both in one proposal since they're the same protagonist just different genders of those games. So without further ado, let's get started!


Pokémon is a series of Japanese Role-Playing video games that started with Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue versions released in 1995. The games focused on a young aspiring Pokémon Trainer, who goes on a quest to capture/collect data on every Pokémon in the region, and defeat the strongest trainers to become the champion of the Pokémon League. The games spawned sequels, Pokémon Gold and Silver versions, and eventually third installments (outside of special editions with extra content for both gen 1 and gen 2) Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire versions, with an extra version with different and extra content titled Pokémon Emerald. Remakes of Ruby and Sapphire titled Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire were released after the 6th generation of Pokémon games.


Pokémon games

Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

Brendan and May are the main protagonists of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald versions. They arrive to the Hoenn region as their new home, and meet the Pokémon professor, Professor Birch, and their son/daughter Brendan/May (basically if you play as Brendan your rival/Birch's child will be May and vice versa). The player's father (which could be Brendan or May's depending on who you're playing as), Norman, is a Gym Leader in the region serving as the 5th Gym Leader. Birch sets the player off on a quest to complete their Pokédex that he gave to them, after also giving them their starter Pokémon, and his child acts as your rival (May if you play as Brendan and vice versa). The player also meets a boy named Wally, and they help him catch his first Pokémon and officially become a Pokémon trainer, with Wally being extremely excited and grateful for the player's help.

The player goes through Petalburg Woods and encounters a man attacking a scientist. The scientist thanks them and runs off, after being informed that the man is a member of Team Aqua/Team Magma (the former if you're playing Sapphire version and the latter if you're playing Ruby version). After the player defeats the first Gym Leader, they encounter the scientist being attacked by Team Aqua/Magma, the player goes and defeats the criminal thug, saving a sailor's Pokémon in the process. The scientist worked for a company known as Devon corporation, and the CEO, Mr. Stone, sends the player off to obtain a package from another city, as well as deliver a letter to his son Steven.

After the player delivers the letter and defeats the second Gym Leader, they head towards the city to retrive the package for Devon Corp., but they find the facility it's located in is being attacked by Team Aqua/Team Magma. The player stops them and obtains and delivers the package back to Devon Corps before heading towards Mauville City. On the way there, the player is challanged by their rival to a Pokémon battle, with the latter being defeated and the former moving on to defeat the third Gym Leader. Before entering the third Gym however, the player encounters Wally again, who wants to prove to his father that he can be a great Pokémon trainer after his father expresses his doubts. The player defeats Wally after he asks them to battle him, discouraging Wally and inspiring him to go home. The player then defeats the third gym and moves on with their journey.

The player eventually arrives at Fallarbor Town, where they encounter Team Magma/Aqua, but are able to defeat them with help from their rival organization, Team Aqua/Team Magma (Magma in Sapphire and Aqua in Ruby), where Archie, the leader of Team Aqua/Maxie, the leader of Team Magma (as the one helping you) explain their rival's plans and warn them of things to come. It turns out that Magma/Aqua stole a meteorite in order to erupt a volcano to expand the land/fill it with water for water Pokémon to have a place to live. The player defeats Archie/Maxie and retrieves the meteorite before heading to Lavaridge Town to defeat the fourth Gym Leader, which goes well.

After the defeat of the fourth Gym Leader, the player encounters their rival again, where they give the player goggles so that they can safely traverse the desert. The player then goes back to Petalburg to challenge their father, Norman, and is victorious, with Norman being surprised but also proud of their child for defeating him in a Pokémon battle and earning his badge.

After Wally's family give the player the surf TM, the player surfs to the land on the right of Mauville City, where they encounter Mr. Stone's son again, Steven Stone. Steven asks the player some questions regarding their Pokémon training techniques before leaving. The player eventually comes across the weather institute, where they find that it is being attacked by Team Aqua/Team Magma. The player stops them and is awarded a Castform, a Pokémon that is capable of shapeshifting into different forms depending on the weather, and leaves. The player encounters their rival again and defeats them, before arriving at Fortree City and defeating the sixth Gym Leader.

As they journey forward, the player comes across Team Magma/Team Aqua attacking Mt. Pyre. The player stops them and confronts their leader, Maxie/Archie, who take the Blue Orb/Red Orb (Blue Orb if playing Ruby and Red Orb if playing Sapphire) which they are stealing in order to control legendary Pokémon. The player then arrives at Lillycove City and defeats their rival once more, causing them to question if their journey should end or not.

The player eventually arrives at Mossdeep where they defeat the seventh Gym Leaders and learn that Team Aqua/Magma are attempting to locate the legendary Pokémon, Groudon (Ruby)/Kyogre (Sapphire). The player reaches them in their hideouts, but after defeating their leaders, they awaken the legendary Pokémon, resulting in Groudon causing a drought (Ruby)/Kyogre causing a flood (Sapphire) or both (Emerald). The player reaches Sootopolis and uses the Orb opposite to the one the criminal leader took (Red Orb in Ruby and Blue Orb in Sapphire) to calm the Pokémon and defeat, capture, or run away from, ending their destruction. However, in Emerald version, the player reaches out to another legendary Pokémon named Rayquaza, who stops their fight and restores peace.

The player then defeats the eighth and final Gym Leader, and arrives at Ever Grande City, where they encounter and defeat Wally one last time. They player then defeats the Elite Four after traversing Victory Road, and fights the Pokémon League Champion, who's revealed to be Steven Stone (Ruby&Sapphire) or Wallace (Emerald;was the eighth Gym Leader in Ruby and Sapphire with Juan being the eighth one in Emerald). The player is victorious and is congratulated by the Champion, Professor Birch, and their rival. The player is entered in the hall of fame and afterwards heads home.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (Delta Episode)

After the defeat of Team Magma/Team Aqua and the legendary Pokémon, a woman named Zinnia approaches the player after they return home from the Pokémon Legue after their victory. It turns out Zinnia stole the player's rival's Keystone, which is used for Mega Evolving Pokémon with the proper Mega Stone for said Pokémon. After Zinnia informs the Player that she is aware that the player is capable of conducting Mega Evolution, she heads towards Petalburg city, with the player giving chase.

The player defeats Team Aqua/Magma members who are harassing Wally, and then they receive a call from Steven via PokéNav, who calls them to Devon Corps. Mr. Stone tells the player a tale about a powerful weapon created many years ago that was created to end a war between Pokémon, with the weapon actually being fuelled by the life energy of Pokémon themselves. Mr. Stone then informs the player of a meteor that is on a collision course towards earth, and that he needs a meteor shard to power a rocket to destroy the meteor. The player is given one at Granite Cave by Zinnia after defeating her in a Pokémon battle.

The player then meets back up with Steven at the Space Center in Mossdeep City, where it is explained to the player that the plan for stopping the meteor is to use the meteor to emulate the same energy used for Mega Evolution that will create a wormhole to transport the meteor away from earth. Zinnia then appears and warns the group that using said energy will result in similar tragedies that occurred years prior, before leaving and allowing Professor Cozmo to continue his explanation. He goes on to explain that a second meteor shard will be needed to provide the rocket they plan on using with a more pure energy source. Steven and the Player then head to Meteor Falls to find said meteor shard/power source.

While there, an elderly lady explains to Steven and the player that when disaster occurred long before the events of the game, one known as the Lorekeeper had the ability to reach out to the legendary Pokémon Rayquaza and empower him with light, transforming him into a more powerful form; this would later go on to be called Mega Evolution. She then reveals that Zinnia is the Lorekeeper, and that Zinnia convinced Team Magma/Aqua to awaken Groudon/Kyogre so that in the disaster they caused, she would be able to summon Rayquaza once more in order to request him to destroy the meteor. The woman explains that his goals must be balanced, as all things, and that he needs to be willing to sacrifice as Zinnia is. Steven then heads back to Devon Corps. troubled by this realization.

Team Aqua/Magma then attack the Space Center in Mossdeep and steal the Link Cable, which is capable of shifting dimensions, before confronting Steven and Professor Cozmo, explaining to the two that they plan on detonating the rocket as revenge for their previous plans being foiled. Zinnia appears and takes the Link Cable before destroying it, saying that the warping of the meteor will result in a horrid fate for another world. She then takes Team Aqua/Magma's admin's Keystones and says she's going to take their leader's Keystone as well.

Zinnia, as she said she would, steals Archie/Maxie's keystone and invites the player to join her at Sky Pillar, with her intention's being to use the Keystones to summon Rayquaza.

The player then returns to the Mossdeep Space center, where Steven explains to them that Wallace, the seventh Gym Leader, is also a Lorekeeper, and that he can undo the seal and allow the player to head to Sky Pillar. At Sky Pillar, before the player enters, Wallace challenges them to prove that they have what it takes to battle Rayquaza. The player is victorious and proves their point well enough.

The player meets Zinnia at the top of Sky Pillar and summons Rayquaza. Rayquaza then absorbs the Meteorite that was obtained previously, and regains the power to Mega Evolve. After The player captures Rayquaza, Zinnia wants to truly test the Player and Rayquaza's strength. The player wins, and with Rayquaza, they destroy the meteor, as well as defeating another legendary Pokémon named Deoxys, and save the world. The player then goes to a museum show along with their rival using the tickets their father gave them earlier.

Pokémon Anime

While Brendan doesn't really have that much of a role in the anime outside of minor cameos in some of the movies, May does; she is an aspiring Pokémon coordinator who goes on a Pokémon journey with Ash Ketchum, Brock, and her little brother Max. Her parents are Norman and Caroline, and she begins her Pokémon journey with a Torchic, with other Pokémon joining her over the course of her adventures. May primarily participates in Pokémon Contests and aims to be the top Pokémon coordinator.

While she wasn't really big on battling, despite being willing to when it's appropriate for the circumstances, with help from Ash, she was able to learn more and more about different Pokémon attacks, and combines them to conduct flashy performances for cont

ests. May is also a fan of making PokéBlocks from recipes she made herself, although not many people liked them at first, when she adjusted her recipes more and more Pokémon came to enjoy them.

May also ended up forming a rivalry with a young man named Drew. Drew looked down on her at first, but as they competed against one another more and more, he eventually came to respect her as a worthy fellow Pokémon coordinator, to the point where when she eventually ended up defeating him in a Pokémon contest, he outright complimented her skill and improvement over time. She also had another rival in the contests named Harley, who was much less honorable and cheated and in general took extreme measures to beat her without any regards to sportsmanship. This got to the point where he even teamed up with Team Rocket in an attempt to ruin May's show, but fortunately it backfired and ended up making her performance more enjoyed.

After May performed in other regions, such as the Kanto Grand Festival, she ultimately decided to stop traveling with Ash as she wanted to find her own way in life, including a battling style. What inspired her to feel that way was because she relied too much on dazzling offensive attacks, which led to her defeat by the hands of Solidad, who recognized and was capable of countering them.

Her time with Ash and co. certainly wasn't in vain however, as she constantly helped stop Team Rocket and help many people. She also became a stronger and more capable trainer/coordinator overtime, but not without help from her companions, which she was always thankful for.


Pretty much nothing major; Brendan and May don't have any sort of corrupting factors when you play as them in the games, and when they're the player's rivals, they are always sweet and supportive of them, and help in whatever way they can.

As for May in the anime, she can bicker with Ash and Max sometimes, but I wouldn't say that's corrupting at all seeing as how there aren't really any major instances of rage with her, and in general she isn't consistently portrayed as an irritable or wrathful person, unlike someone like Misty.


I think so. Sure, if Brendan or May are just your rival in the games, they don't really do much, but seeing as how you can play as them in those same games, this shouldn't really be an issue. With that in mind, even when they're the player's rivals, as previously stated, they are very supportive of and kind towards you. They will always give tips and useful items. And when you play as them, they help people simply out of their own desire to do good, and end up saving the world from not only Team Aqua, Magma, or both in the case of Emerald, but also stop the legendary Pokémon Groudon and Kyogre from threatening pretty much the entire world. And in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, their rival equivalents not only slightly do more, but the player versions also save the meteor from destroying the world by helping Zinnia. I think that's a lot to consider even for an admirable standard such as Pokémon's.

As for May from the anime, I think she does do enough to stand out in the anime as well; she's one of the main characters for an entire arc, and thus helps with many conflicts and helping many people during her journey, which included stopping Team Rocket on many occasions and helping many Pokémon. And in terms of personality I think that checks out too, seeing as how kind and optimistic she is, and she does show deep care and love towards her brother, friends, and her Pokémon and she never pushes her Pokémon too far on any degree. May is even respectful towards her opponents in battle and in the Pokémon contests. And when May's Munchlax was eating other people's food, May went out of her way to make a special kind of PokéBlock that her Munchlax would enjoy to keep everyone happy.


Yes; they're the main protagonists of the games if chosen, so they get the most screen-time, even if they don't get as much when they're the rival. But that's just simply because they're a side character. But as rivals they do get more in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

And May in the anime is one of the main characters of the seasons she's in, so she gets more than enough screen-time as all of her heroics are on-screen.


I think both Brendan and May should qualify for the category for the reasons I just described, but please let me know what your thoughts are down below. And as always, thank you for reading and have a great day!

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