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Howdy, hope y'all are well! Honestly, y'all knew this was coming eventually, but it's time for a removal proposal for Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This is one that I definitely feel will be very divisive but I think there are some issues with her inclusion that must be addressed. I got permission to make this, and so let's get this started.


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is an animated musical film released in 1937 by Walt Disney Productions, being their first feature length animated film based off of the 1812 German fairytale, Snow White by the Brothers Grimm. The film was successful and is generally considered to be a classic and an iconic film. The film centers around a young girl named Snow White who is the step daughter of a wicked queen who wants her dead out of jealousy.


Snow White is an orphaned girl who lives as a scullery maid for her step mother, Queen Grimhilde. One day, when the Queen's Magic Mirror informs the Queen that Snow White is now the fairest of them all, while Snow White meets and falls in love with a prince (simply known as The Prince) when he hears her singing which leads to them meeting.

Enraged at what she heard from the mirror, the Queen orders her huntsman to kill Snow White, but he can't bring himself to do it, so he warns her instead, and she flees into the forest and finds a cottage. Snow White cleans the cottage up and cooks a meal.

It turns out that the cottage belonged to seven dwarfs, who come home and introduce themselves to Snow White. Snow White decides to cook and clean for the dwarfs during the day while the dwarfs work in the mines, and at night when the dwarfs come home, they sing and dance together.

After the queen learns from the mirror that Snow White is still alive and with the dwarfs, she disguises herself as an old lady and poisons an apple to use against Snow White. She offers the apple to Snow White, claiming that it's magical and grants wishes, which results in Snow White being fooled into biting it, which puts her to sleep.

The Dwarfs and animals of the forest mourn her death-like sleep, and they place her in a glass coffin to watch over her. One year later, the Prince visits her after learning about her condition and kisses her. This breaks the spell of the apple and awakens Snow White. Together, Snow White and the Prince go to the castle, with the dwarfs and animals rejoicing.


Snow White is portrayed as very kind and helpful, always showing kindness towards the animals and dwarfs, even agreeing to take care of their cottage and cook and clean for them. In general, she really doesn't have any corrupting factors or negative traits, and is a very likeable figure.


The main issue is that she is a very standard hero. You know how I just said she's helpful? Well being helpful is pretty much all her heroism amounts to, seeing as how she doesn't really do much other than act kind and take care of the dwarf's cottage.

And other than that, since she was poisoned and put to sleep, her role is just a damsel in distress, with her not really doing much to stand out in general and compared to the dwarfs and even the Prince. The dwarfs were the ones who actually stopped the Queen and the Prince is the one who saved Snow White, Snow White just doesn't really do anything on that level. And even the Prince was rejected for being too standard, if I recall correctly, so I fail to see how Snow White stands out compared to him.

So yeah, despite being a very pure and unambiguously kind and good person, she just doesn't really do anything beyond standard kindness, even considering the low admirable standard seeing as how other characters from the same story do more than her.


For the reasons described, I think she should be cut for basically not doing enough and being too standard to stand out. But please let me know your thoughts respectfully in the comments down below, as I could really see this go either way. But as always, thanks for reading and have a great day!