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Hello there, my fellow wiki people! Today, I’m making my second Pure Good Proposal, and it’s on Chief Benja from Raya and the Last Dragon. I figured, after someone got Sisu approved, I could at least propose this guy.

What’s the work?

Raya and the Last Dragon is an animated film made in 2021 by The Walt Disney Company. It stars the namesake protagonist, Raya, on her quest to get her father, Chief Benja, back from being stone, in which she seeks help from the Last Dragon, Sisu.

Who is he? What has he done?

Chief Benja is a supporting yet pivotal character of Raya and the Last Dragon. He is the father of Raya, and the ruler of heart, aka the “heart” of Kumandra.

Benja was the guardian Dragon gem, being Raya’s predecessor. He was very determined to protect it from the other lands, because of possible greed, but was also hoping to make Kumandra hole.

For more good acts, they’re listed here:

  1. As said a bit above, he was guarding the Dragon Gem with his life, not letting the other lands get to it, because of their greed and possibly using it for power.
  2. Again, as said above, he wanted peace between Heart, and the rest of what used to be Kumandra, and hoping it would Kumandra again, doing the best he could for it.
  3. He helped Raya fight the other lands people’s when they were trying to steal the dragon gem out of greed.
  4. He tried to reason with the people’s of the other lands.
  5. He saved Raya from the Druun by pushing her in the water, shortly before turning to stone.
  6. At the end of the movie, after he was freed, he let the other lands people’s into Heart, even after what had happened in the beginning of the film, showing he had no true animosity towards them.

Mitigating Factors.

While he has no corrupting factors, there is one thing that can make him rejected.

He has limited screen time. While I think his personality could be enough to get him to Pure Good, other people might not, as his lack of screen time can tamper with how good he is.

Admirable Standard

He, depending on your view, could meet the admirable standard for Raya, for things he could have done off-screen, plus things that were done on-screen that could qualify him.

The Final Verdict

Up to you.