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The boy this proposal’s all about, Luca Paguro

Hello everyone! For my third proposal, I’m proposing Luca Paguro from the animated Pixar movie that has his first name in the title. This’ll probably be my weirdest candidate as well as it being my second Pixar candidate and third Disney candidate. Most of this information won’t be taken from the article, which is a stub on this wiki. Look here for more reference.

What’s the work?

Luca is a 2021 Pixar film released June 18th, 2021 staring a sea monster in the human world trying to fit in and survive from the bully, Ercole Visconti, along with his fellow sea monster friend, Alberto Scorfano and his human friend Giulia Marcovaldo.

Who is he? What has he done?

Luca Paguro is the titular protagonist of Luca, a Pixar film. He is a 13 year old Italian sea monster who goes up to the surface causing a whole adventure to happen.

I’m just going to list some heroic acts here:

  1. He is genuinely nice to other people and doesn’t like confrontation.
  2. Feels bad that he went to the surface without his parent’s permission.
  3. He still treats Massimo’s cat nicely, despite it hating Luca and Alberto.
  4. His first real heroic act is getting Alberto off the island, making him less lonely.
  5. He was willing to win the Portorosso Cup to stop Ercole’s reign of fear over Portorosso.
  6. He still treated Alberto nicely, despite his envious attitude when he was hanging out with Giulia.
  7. Felt remorse over betraying Alberto.
  8. He tried to make Alberto feel better after he betrayal.
  9. He saved Alberto’s while risking his when it was raining, revealing his sea monster form to everyone in Portorosso.
  10. Broke Ercole’s harpoon so no more sea monsters could be killed by him.
  11. Won the Portorosso Cup so Ercole didn’t strike fear into the little kid’s.
  12. Forgives his parent’s for planning to send him to the bottom of the sea.

Corrupting Factors

So, uh, there are two but he redeems himself from them in the end.

  1. He does go to the surface without his parent’s permission, but redeemed himself from that.
  2. He did betray Alberto when Ercole was around, ratting out Alberto’s sea monster form, but to be fair, Alberto was trying to get Giulia to not be friends with Luca anymore and Luca did feel remorse and made it up to him.

Admirable Standard

He does qualify due to being the admirable standard.

Final Verdict

Depends on what you guys think.