So, here we are. This is a removal proposal for Christopher Boone.

Who is he?

Christopher John Francis Boone is the main protagonist of 2003 novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon and its 2011 stage adaptation. He is a 15-year-old special ed student with Asperger's from Swindon who decides to investigate the death of his neighbour Eileen Shears' poodle Wellington that has been with a garden fork.

Why he doesn't qualify?

Okay, I know that he currently isn't under the category since I featured him as part of a barrage of removal proposals (as in, a discussions post that proposed a number of characters to be removed from the category at once). However, since it was only a few sentences, I felt that a more full-fledged removal proposal would be appropriate. The reason he doesn't qualify is that he has some serious behavioural difficulties and misanthropic tendencies that should disqualify him from the category. For example, in one chapter he mentions that he punched a schoolmate of his so hard that she had to be taken to a hospital just for pulling his hair and early on in the book, he hits a police officer just for touching him. Not only that but one of his favourite dreams is one where everyone on Earth except for those who don't look others in the eyes die thanks to a virus that kills everyone upon eye contact and "only special people like me" survive. All in all, this makes him more of a jerk than a Purely Good hero which is further illustrated by the following excerpt from the book (note: the book is written from his perspective which essentially makes him the narrator since he writes it in-universe):

All the other kids at my school are stupid. Except I'm not meant to call them stupid, even though this is what they are. I'm meant to say that they have learning difficulties or that they have special needs. But this is stupid because learning to speak French or learning Relativity is difficult, and also everyone has special needs, like Father who has to carry a little packet of artificial sweetening tablets around with him to put in his coffee to stop him getting fat, or Mrs Peters who wears a beige-coloured hearing aid, or Siobhan who has glasses so thick that they give you a headache if you borrow, and none of these people are Special Needs, even if they have special needs.
But Siobhan said we have to use those words because people used to call children like children at the school spaz and crip and mong which were nasty words. But that is stupid too because sometimes the children from school down the road see us in the street and they shout "Special Needs! Special Needs!" But I don't take notice because I don't listen to what other people say and only sticks and stones can break my bones and if I kill them it will be self-defence and I won't go to prison.''
~ Christopher expressing his thoughts on his schoolmates.

Yeah, that sounds more like an Anti-Hero than a Pure Good hero would say, doesn't it?

Final verdict

I'd say "Cut".

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