This is the PG Proposal for Kazuma Kenzaki from Kamen Rider Blade.

What is the work?

Kamen Riser Blade was broadcast from January 25, 2004 to January 23, 2005, from 8:00 to 8:30 on TV Asahi every Sunday morning. Blade is the fifth Heisei series of Kamen Rider franchise with the total of 49 episodes.

Kamen Riders in this work use a system collectively called the "Rider System", and by unleashing the ability of the undead sealed in Rouze Card with playing cards as the motive, it transforms into Kamen Rider and activates a special skill. It is positioned as a to-do entity. The difference fromKamen Rider Ryuki, which is also a full-card fighting style, has been a matter of production , and as a result, using several certain cards at once is like poker. By incorporating elements of different reinforcement techniques depending on the combination, the fighting style is varied. Since the previous work Kamen Rider Faiz was a rider by mechanical design, studs and skins were incorporated into the suits for the riders that appear in this work.

Who is he and what he did?

Kazuma Kenzaki is a 22 years old young man who was selected and scouted by BOARD as a person who fits the blade armor to the maximum extent, and after two months of training, he became a Kamen Rider Blade. Due to the rent delinquency while he was busy and vacant, he was expelled from his apartment "Hikawa Castle" and stayed at Torataro's house, which he had contacted for the purpose of coverage. Even after the destruction of BOARD, their former BOARD employees were paid from pocket money on Tennoji, but their monthly salary was quite low and they had almost no savings.

Kenzaki was orphaned at the age of 11 when his family died in a house fire. Kenzaki's perceived helplessness will serve as motivation to try to protect those who are defenseless, which will then lead him to be examined by the Board of Archeologist Research Departement. Due to his extraordinary intelligence and survival instincts, he will eventually be promoted to be the field operator and designated user of the Rider-02 System.

However, during the evaluation of the Rider System, Kenzaki showed a very high fusion coefficient. This is not an immediate concern though, as the levels are maintained at constant intervals. After being promoted to Rider status, Kenzaki will partner with his partner BOARD Rider and senior operative Sakuya Tachibana in the task of hunting down the three Undead over the next two months.

Finally sealing the undead bat, Kenzaki meets a web journalist named Kotarō Shirai, who begins investigating the Riders after witnessing Kenzaki recklessly change from his transformation. In order to lower the risk of exposure (and find a place to ride after losing his apartment to late payment), Kenzaki struck a deal with Kotarō: in exchange for information about the Rider, Kotaro would give him a place to stay; because his salary with BOARD is barely enough to make a living. Later that night, however, disaster strikes when the Junta headquarters is attacked by Locust Undead.

With the defection of Sakuya and Kei Karasuma, the president of THE COUNCIL, everywhere, Kenzaki and Shiori Hirose, one of the BOARD's surviving agents, set up a new base of operations at Kotaro's home, using whatever equipment was not damaged during the undead attack on the headquarters. COUNCIL. Despite operating at their capacity limits, Kenzaki, Shiori, and Kotarō managed to begin tracking and sealing the active Undead in the area. However, in the end, Kenzaki shifted his focus to tracking down the mischievous Tachibana, leading to a rivalry with a creature called Chalice, who has powers and abilities similar to his Rider System. Their frequent encounters led to the discovery that Chalice was actually a human named Hajime, but the origins of her powers and motives remained a mystery at the time.

Events escalate when Kenzaki finds himself kidnapped by a male agent named Isaka (the person responsible for Tachibana's strange behavior) as a study subject for human-undead fusion research. Kenzaki is forced to transform and fight Trilobite Undead, while his captors monitor his fusion activity. As the battle progressed, Kenzaki showed no change in fusion stability until Hajime appeared. This led to a noticeable increase in Kenzaki's fusion activity which strangely affected Hajime as well, prompting him to transform and intervene, along with Tachibana. During their battle, it is revealed that the mysterious Hajime is not human, despite previous speculations and is actually a creature called the Undead Joker. Little by little, Kenzaki began to empathize with Hajime, recognizing him as more than just a mindless monster.

As the Horsemen continue their exploits, Kenzaki and Tachibana will reconcile their grievances and begin operating with each other once again after rescuing Professor Karasuma. They will also find new allies in Hajime, after a series of encounters and even recruiting new Riders with Mutsuki Kamijo as Kamen Rider Leangle, along the way. However, with the emergence of the Test Series, Kenzaki (along with his comrades) will discover the true circumstances behind the appearance of the Undead and Combat Battles. Realizing the true nature of Battle Fight, the Horsemen will devise a plan to ensure the survival of mankind by allowing Hajime (in Human Undead form) to be the last remaining Undead at the end of the Battle Fight contest. Confident of their plans, the Riders will continue to seal the Undead until Council Chairman Hiroshi Tenno reveals himself to be the true mastermind of the new Battle. Confident that he will win, Tennouji informs Kamen Rider of the existence of Kerberos Undead, an Undead who surpassed even the Undead Joker in power. Although initially overwhelmed, Kenaki's determination allows him to dominate the Tennouji and Kerberos Undead in battle, defeating them with the help of his allies. Soon after, Giraffa Undead would kill Tennouji and steal Krberos Undead's sealed card, trying to seal Hajime into being declared the new victor of the Battle. However, with Tachibana's actions, Kanai was also sealed.

Kenzaki, along with the other Riders, are struggling desperately to hold back the Dark Roach hordes. They fought bravely but ended up losing. Kazuma will find Hajime and the two of them will fight. However, Kenzaki's aim was not to seal Hajime. Ever since the Dark Cockroach Army appeared, he had used the King Form of his Rider System to accelerate his mutation into the Undead Joker. Fully aware of the consequences, Kenzaki realized that as long as the two Undead remained, the Battle Battle could continue indefinitely as long as he and Hajime avoided fighting each other. The strategy was successful and the Dark Cockroach was eliminated by the Seal Stone, allowing the world to continue to exist. Horrified by what she had indirectly done to Kazuma, Hajime approached her. However, Kenzaki shoved him away.

Admirable standard?

At the beginning of the story, he tended to struggle with the Undead, probably because he had little experience in fighting as a fitter of Kamen RIder Blade power, and when Tachibana betrayed BOARD, he might lose his fighting spirit due to shock. However, as the battle continues, he grows into a full-fledged rider both physically and mentally. He lost his parents in front of him in a fire when he was 11 years old and he has a strong desire to help people from the trauma that could not save them. It is the driving force for fighting.

Despite his antisocial trait, he willing to sacrifice himself to save others no matter what and it is shown that the reason Kenzaki has a high fusion coefficient than his teammates is because of his willing to protect his love one which is stated by Noboru Shima that willingness to protect innocent people is the most important thing to become stronger. In the final episode, he sacrificed himself into becoming Joker to not only save the world but to prevent Hajime from destroying the world and keep him in safe from the Joker power.

Corrupting factors?

None, he doesn't have any corruptting factors as he able to fuse with all 13 Undeads on his King form because of his willingness to protect others. Due to his tragic past, he risked his life to prove that he could overcome his trauma by fighting an Undead and saving the world from danger. It is prove that Kenzaki cares a lot to Hajime as he willing to become the second Joker in order to not only save the world but also Hajime.

Final verdict


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