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What's The Work?

Klaus is a Spanish animated feature film directed by Sergio Pablos, known as one of the creators of the Despicable Me and Minions franchises. The plot of this interesting, in my opinion, cartoon tells the fictional story of the origin of the myth of Santa Claus. The main character is a postman who must go to a distant northern city and there he meets a mysterious artisan who creates toys.

Who is the Candidate/What Have They Done?

Jesper is the son of a tycoon and the owner of a postal business, lives in luxury, is selfish and devoid of any goals in life. Personally, I noticed a certain resemblance between Jesper’s face and the face of Dr. Doppler from Treasure Planet. The father tries hopelessly to teach his son the skills of a postal worker and show him what hard work is, but Jesper, who isn’t motivated by anything at all, fails at his tasks everywhere. Then he gives his son an ultimatum: he will go to a small city in the Arctic Circle, located on a frozen island, as a postal worker. The town is called Smerenburg. Until 6,000 letters are sent from there, he cannot return home. Arriving in Smeerensburg, Jesper is horrified to discover that the city is divided into two warring camps and its residents are so busy with internecine squabbles that they have no time or desire to send letters to anyone. Jesper despairs at the thought that he will have to stay here for the rest of his life, but he discovers a mysterious hut deep in the forest with a lonely old man named Klaus. In his hut there are many wooden toys made by himself. Jesper manages to negotiate with Klaus so that the latter gives his toys to the city children in exchange for their letters. In this way, Jesper hopes to reach the goal of sending 6,000 letters. Klaus agrees on the condition that he send the gifts at night and with the help of Jesper. Having new toys makes all the town's children happy, and they even want to attend the local school to learn how to write letters. Alva, a former teacher who has long been disillusioned with her surroundings and dreamed of leaving here, is surprised by Jesper’s results and begins teaching again. The happiness of the children also affects the adult townspeople, who for the first time stop conflicting with each other, and the town itself is filled with an atmosphere of warmth and happiness. Klaus admits to Jesper that he once lived in his house with his wife and they dreamed of having many children. All the time that Klaus's wife was trying to get pregnant, Klaus was making toys for future children, but his wife fell ill and died, leaving her husband alone with a house filled with toys. Gradually, Klaus becomes attached to bringing happiness to the town's children and enlists the help of the local Sami tribe to turn his hut into a workshop for creating new toys. However, the most inveterate participants in the internecine wars are dissatisfied with this outcome and want the town to return to its previous, “hostile” state. To do this, having learned about Jesper’s initial aspirations, they deliberately send a huge number of letters to his father, and he, proud of this result, comes for him with the intention of taking him home. Jesper himself realizes that he has changed and lays out his whole soul in front of him. His father is happy for him and allows him to stay here. Meanwhile, the older family members try to take the toys away from Klaus, but he, Alva and Jesper manage to fool them. As a result, the two children of the clan heads, to the amazement of their parents, fall in love and subsequently get married. Jesper and Alva also start a family and have two children. Klaus remains their good friend, and every year around Christmas he helps Jesper deliver toys. After 12 years, Klaus one day feels that it is time for him to reunite with his wife. After that, he disappears forever. Jesper tries to find him, but in vain. Since then, he has been waiting for him to visit every Christmas and, based only on his feelings, he knows that he will definitely come. Jesper himself is still glad that he was sent here. He, off course, became a better person than he was before.

Corrupting Factors

What can I say? Jesper was initially lazy. But he simply did not have any sane motivation. This often happens to children of respected parents. They believe that they already have everything and they have nothing to change in this life. But it’s worth pushing such a child out of his father’s house with a very slim possibility of returning home, and these children will show a result that no one else could show. Some people may even be surprised how this spoiled child could achieve such a result. This is exactly what is shown in the film using the example of Jesper. By the end he is no longer spoiled at all.

Admirable Standard

Let's start with the fact that Jesper gives joy to a huge number of people and although this may seem bog-standard at first glance, it is thanks to this that the previously provincial Smeerensburg becomes much better. People get hope for a better future and become happy, although they previously wanted to leave. Not to mention that by his actions, Jesper prevents the townspeople from going to war with each other (that is, technically, saving more than 5-6 lives, because this war could have led to the deaths of countless people).

Final Verdict

Well, I vote yes, guys. But, like always, it’s up to you to decide.