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I noticed that Gisela and Giselita from Open Season 3 are on Pure Good category despite them not counting in my opinion. So I decided to make a removal proposal for them. and yes, I asked permission to do this, as is required.

What's The Work?

Open Season 3 is the third film in the Open Season franchise. It features Boog swapping places with Doug, a fuzzy bear at the traveling circus. Later Boog's best friend Elliot and the other animals goes to save him before the circus goes to Russia.

Who Are They?

Gisela and Giselita are the daughters of Elliott and his wife Giselle, the older sisters of Elvis, and the adoptive nieces of Boog and Ursa. Throughout the movie they tease their older brother Elvis but they do genuinely care for him. They eventually help Elliott, Giselle and the other animals devise a plan to save Boog and even help devise a plan to save him....and that is about it.

Why Do They Not Qualify?

To put it simple: While they don't have much corrupting factors, they are way too standard to qualify. All they do is help in getting Boog back from the circus which is not anything special. In fact the original proposal as seen here: [[1]] did not mention any of their heroic actions and focused more on their personality. They don't even manage to succeed the admirable standard in my opinion. I would say they fail the admirable standard to Boog and Elliott.

Final Verdict?

Easy cut.