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My first proposal about two characters at once, Susan Test and her sister Mary.

What's the Work?

Johnny Test is a Canadian cartoon about the crazy life of Johnny, Dukey, and Susan and Mary. It usually involves Johnny using the girls' inventions due to boredom or to save the world.

Who are they?

Susan and Mary are Johnny Test's smart scientist sisters from the Canadian cartoon of the same name. They have a crush on a boy named Gil, but are still smart.

Goodness Zone/Corrupting Factors

They are smart and like to make inventions and do other science, and while they crush on Gil, they are still willing to help Johnny, an give him their inventions. Susan gets kidnapped and hypnotized by Bling Bling into dating him, and in another episode, both of the girls are under spells and turned into yandere vampires who try to kidnap Gil, but the spells don't last. Mary is also more likely to forgive people, is smarter, and is usually the one who's correct in the end. They may be naive and interested in romance, but I think it's because they're teenagers. However, I haven't watched this in a while so I don't remember exactly.

Admirable Standards

Susan and Mary are interested in science, and usually in media girls who like science are completely masculine and nerdy, but these girls show you can be girly and nerdy at the same time. Also, the fact that they are willing to help Johnny and don't refuse to let him touch them, and that they are still portrayed as smart despite being interested in getting a boyfriend. 

Final Verdict

They seem to fit the criteria.

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