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Got another character to propose for Pure Good, from the Godzilla franchise.

What's the work?

Godzilla is a live-action film produced in 2014 by Legendary Studios and is the first film in the Monsterverse franchise. It features the return of Godzilla after ten years of abscence. However, the story also focuses on another (human) protagonist by the name of Ford Brody.

Who is Ford? What has he done?

Ford was just a young boy at school on the day of his father's, Joseph Brody's, birthday in 1999. Ford and his mom were planning to throw his dad a surprise party. However, that day, his mother would die when the reactor plant where his parents worked collasped.

15 years later, Ford is married to Elle Brody and has a son named Sam Brody. Ford has come back from the military and is spending some time with his family when he is informed his father was arrested in Japan. Ford, after some convincing from Elle, heads off to free his father on bail and convinces him to head home with him to bring. Joe convinces Ford to go with him to investiagte their old neighborhood to discover the true cause the reactor's meltdown. Due to the are being a quarintine zone, the two are arrested. While in custody, a creature known as M.U.T.O hatches. Joe is critically wounded and Ford apologizes to him for not believing him over the years and begs his father not to die.

After Joe dies, Ishiro Serizawa and Vivienne Graham ask Ford about information for what Joe was studying. Ford tells them that his father speculated about something talking and he was studying echolocation, which helps the two discover about the second M.U.T.O. As Ford is about to fly from Hawaii back to San Francisco. Along the way on the train at the airport, a young boy is separated from his parents. Ford tries to return the boy to his parents but is unable due to the moving train. He assures his parents he will bring the boy back to them.

The M.U.T.O arrives at the airport and attacks Ford's train. Ford saves the boy from falling and manages to survive the fight between Godzilla and the M.U.T.O. Ford attempts to return the boy to his parents but the boy finds his way back to them on his own. Ford then heads with a group of military men on a train with nuclear warheads heading to San Francisco. While about to leave, he calls his wife and makes sure she is okay and reassures her he'll becoming to her soon.

The train is attacked by the second M.U.T.O, the female M.U.T.O. Ford is the only survivor of the attack and is rescued the next day. Ford teams up with other soilders after the male M.U.T.O gets the nuclear warhead and brings it into the center of the city, endangering everyone in it as the nuke is activated and counting down. Ford and the soilders head into the M.U.T.O's nest while Godzilla (MonsterVerse) fights the M.U.T.O's. Ford discovers hundreds of baby M.U.T.O's about to hatch and blows up the nest to kill them, with the novelization making it clear he knew if they birthed they could overrun and kill all of humanity. This also saves Godzilla's life, as the two M.U.T.O's were overpowering him and likely could have killed him.

Ford gets to the boat and manages to get the nuclear warhead out into sea. However, the female M.U.T.O kills all the other soilders and prepares to kill Ford but Godzilla saves. Godzilla has already killed the male and kills the female as well before collasping. Ford lays down on the boat, glad he at least saved San Francisco from being destroyed by the nuclear blast. However, fellow soilders rescue him and get him back to the safety of the city. Ford then happily reunites with his son and wife morning of the next day as Godzilla heads back to sea.

Admirable Standard?

Serizawa is already approved as Pure Good but I believe Ford manages to stand out alongside him. Ford saves an entire city from being destroyed by the nuclear blast, saves a boy directly from falling to his death, destroys the nest of the M.U.T.O's (saving countless lives from being killed by their babies) and saves Godzilla from being killed by the M.U.T.O's.

Corrupting factors?

Closest thing is that he initially considered his dad crazy for his theories about the meltdown. However, Ford still loves his dad. He only hesitated to release him on bail because he didn't want him to drag Sam into grief over his grandmother's fate. He is not rude or mean to his dad, only telling him to stop talking crazily when going on a rant and he offers to take him home with him so he can see Sam. Upon releasing his dad was right about the M.U.T.O, he apologizes for doubting him over the years and begs him not to die, mourning his death when he does die. Overall, if you do consider that an initial corrupting factor, I would say he loses it as the movie goes on as he clearly loved his dad and felt remorse for his death.

Other than that, he has none. He appeared upset at Grahma and Serizawa at first for hiding the truth about the M.U.T.O but that was only because he didn't understand why they would keep it alive as it caused his father's death and hundreds of other people's death as well. He lost his anger and understood them as they explained they were trying to protect people from the M.U.T.O's radiation as if they had killed the M.U.T.O that radiation would have been released, spread and endangered, if not killed, millions of people.

Final Verdict?

I say yes he qualifies.