Hey there guys! Been a while since I contributed here but I thought I'd do another pure good proposal. This one is for Eri (My Hero Academia) from My Hero Academia.

What's the work?

My Hero Academia is a Shonen Jump manga and eventually anime created by Koehi Horikoshi. It's about a boy named Izuku Midoriya who was born quirkless (had no powers) but still dreamed of becoming a hero. He soon met the number 1 hero and his idol since he was a kid, All Might. All Might tells the boy he too can become a hero, gives the boy a part of his quirk and so starts the story of he became the greatest hero of all time.

Who Is Eri? what has she done?

Eri is the granddaughter of the boss and leader of the Shie Hassaikai. His quirk is "Rewind", which allows her to rewind time. When he was a toddler, she accidentally lost control of her quirk and rewinded her father. Her mother abondened her and her grandfather took her in. Sadly his adoptive son, Kai Chisaki a.k.a Overhaul, started expirementing on Eri and her quirk. Since the yakuza was dwindling down, he decided to use her quirk to create Quirk destroying bullets to sell on the black market so the yakuza would regain glory because Kai was desperate to repay the boss for taking him in as a child.

The boss refused to let this happen to Eri and told Kai he would kick him out, so Kai put him in a coma for the time being, intending to heal him out of it once he finished his plan. Kai then began torturing Eri by cutting her legs and arms open to get her blood cells. Whenever Eri ran out of blood to offer, he used his quirk to kill her and then bring her back.

One day, Eri had enough of this and ran away to get help. She stumbled across Izuku and Mirio Togata. Kai regretfully caught up to her. Eri clinged to Izuku, begging him not to leave. However, Kai threatened to kill Izuku and Mirio and Eri willingly heads back to him to save their lives, despite knowing she would be tortured again.

Eventually the heroes come to rescue Eri. Eri begs them go back, fearing for their lives since Kai will kill them (it's heavily implied she's witnessed him murder multiple of his minions in the past). Mirio fights to save Eri, even sacrificing his quirk in the process. Izuku arrives and battles Overhaul while Mirio, heavily injured escapes with Eri.

Eri decides to go back to Overhaul, fearing for Izuku's life. She begs him to back her back so long as he fixes everyone he's harmed. However, Izuku manages to get her above ground, promising he will never let her go again. Overhaul comes up in a huge monstorus form after fusing with one of his minions, intending to murder Izukuu and take Eri back.

Izuku asks Eri to lend him her power, which Eri does. Izuku uses his quirk at full power an gives Overhaul a well-deserved, extremely satisfying beatdown and curb-stomp. However, Eri loses control of her quirk and Izuku nearly dies, with Erid desperately trying to control and stop herself from killing by mistake like she did her father. Luckily Eraser Head, briefly erases her quirk, saving Izuku. Eri is then taken to the hospital.

Eri is visited by Izuku and Togata and apologizes to Mirio, feeling she is at fault for him losing his quirk. She also worries for Sir Nighteye, who assisted in her rescue, unaware Overhaul murdered him. Overhaul's abuse has broken Eri to the point where she can't smile. As a result, they take her to the school festival and help her smile again.

She later visits Izuku for Christmas, dressed in a Santa costume. Then during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, she uses her quirk, now haivng full control of it, to give Mirio his quirk back, allowing him to save Best Jeanist from a High-End Nomu and restrain Gigantomchia from causing more destrocution and death.

Goodness Zone?

My Hero Academia has a high admirable standard with seven, about to be 8, pure good already. There are superheroes who save dozens of lives everyday. The standard is pretty high.

Eri may be a small, not so powerful, little girl but she definetly passes the standard is subtle ways.

If she hadn't returned to Overhaul, he would have murdered Izuku and Mirio. Her choosing to return to him allowed them to live, and Izuku is going to become the greatest hero ever. This means Eri's actions helped save countless lives in the future.

She was willing to return to Overhaul again when he was fighting Izuku, begging him to spare Izuku and revert Mirio to normal. She was willing to go back to clear abuse and torture so long as he spares their lives.

Most especially, her giving Deku her power, allowing him to beat Overhaul. Nighteye himself stated, if not for this, Overhaul would have murdered Deku, escaped with Eri and eradicated all quirks. Eri assisting Deku here led to him beating Overhaul and is the only reason why he is still alive. Deku, as mentioned multiple times before, has not only saved dozens of live and would go on to save more during the War Arc, but will become the greatest hero ever. Once again, Eri's actions lead to countless lives being saved.

Her giving Mirio his quirk back allows him to save Best Jeanist, who was the world's number three hero and helped him to stop Gigantomchia, who as I already mentioned was causing mass murder and mass destrocution.

Eri may not be a powerful as All Might, Deku, Mirio etc but her actions help save numerous lives, including the latter two as well.

Corrupting Factors?

Her killing her father was a complete accident. She shows no hatred to Overhaul despite his torture of her and making her feel at fault for the murders he commits. She is willing to let the abuse to continue to protect even complete strangers. She is pure-innocence, not mischievous, arrogant, lethal or anything like that.

Final Verdict?

Eri is is the exact definiton if innocent. She is never rude, mean or aggressive at any point. She is nice, friendly girl who's actions result in dozens of lvies being saved and she does best to keep ever strangers safe from being harmed from Overhaul. She fits perfectly IMO. Yes from me.

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