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This is interesting, a second Lightyear Pure Good? I give it a yes.

What is the work?

Lightyear is about a space ranger who wanted to go back to the past to meet his best friend again but instead chooses the present to stop Emperor Zurg and hang out with his new friends, he actually cared about as well as he is willing to protect them and have a new team with his friends. During the past, Lightyear wanted to be a ranger that is willing to help people and hang out with his best friend, Alisia. He has a ship that can go to the future, although he didn't realize that he was gone for so long since he went from 4 years after going to the ship. He also repeatedly goes to the future to see new things going on but ended up going to the alternate future where he meets Emperor Zurg, who is the main antagonist of the series. Before he met Emperor Zurg, Buzz met Izzy and his new friends together while trying to stop an army of yellow robots who tried to destroy them while later on, Buzz is ended up chased by Emperor Zurg. When the others are about to save Buzz, they likely screwed up and Zurg already got Buzz before they did which made Izzy really sorry for his actions since she screwed up everything. When meeting Zurg, Emperor Zurg is the alternate future version of Buzz Lightyear who wants to help Buzz go back to the past to fix their mistakes but Buzz prefers to stay in the future while Emperor Zurg is gonna attack him. When Buzz is about to get killed, Izzy was gonna save him and assists in helping Buzz stop Emperor Zurg from getting the future to be erased. Buzz was gonna stop Emperor Zurg but ended up losing the power that can actually change time so Buzz tries getting it back but instead Buzz stopped him which saved the future. Izzy and the others were really sorry that Buzz couldn't go back to the past but Buzz is really proud that he got new friends and rather wanted to stay in the future instead.

Who is she? What has she done?

Izzy Hawthorne is the deuteragonist of the newest Disney animated film series, Lightyear, who is willing to become a space ranger like her grandmother and is willing to protect her friends. She is also willing to make Buzz happy by becoming his friend since his best friend died. Izzy is willing to make everyone proud by becoming Buzz's assistant as the park ranger while becoming the co-leader of the universe.

Admirable Standards

  • Similar to Alisia, she lacks her corrupting qualities.
  • She is willing to make Buzz happy and fix her mistakes she did to Buzz.
  • She stopped Emperor Zurg and saved Buzz and the future.
  • She is willing to become Buzz's friend since Buzz couldn't get to see his best friend again.
  • She was remorseful for all of her mistakes and was sorry for what she did.

Corrupting Factors

  • Her mistakes aren't really corrupting and even if they were, she later fixed her mistakes and showed so much remorse for it.


  • Welp, I'm giving this girl a try.