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Today i give you an underrated heroic fox who used to believe that friendship will hold on through anything, a cudly critter who grew up into a role model, Tod the fox.

What's the work?

The Fox and the Hound is an animated movie made by Disney in 1981, based on a novel of the same name. It talks about the realistic implications of friendship between people (or animals in that cotext) that weren't meant to be friends.

Who is he and what he has done?

Tod was born to an unnamed fox who was hunted down during the opening scene. After Tod's mother ended up like Bambi's mother, the orphant Tod stumbled upon Widow Tweed thanks to Big Mama's best efforts. Widow Tweed raised him like the son she didn't have, Big Mama showed him the truth of life, and Dinky and Boomer did their charm as prototypes to Timon and Pumba. Tod was a passionate student to all, and was always friendly.

One day, Amos Slade came back from a hunting trip and brought a new puppy named Copper. Tod was intrigued about his new neighbor, later forming a close friendship with him. However, Amos and his older dog Chief were a constant risk to their friendship, as Chief chased Tod with lethal intention after he believed Tod is messing with the chickens, and Amos became increasingly paranoid to a degree he promised Widow Tweed that his next shot won't miss the mark.

The breaking point in his and Copper's friendship came after Copper has return from his first hunting trip. Tod payed a visit like he was used to, but Copper made it sadly clear that he's not interested in Tod's company anymore, claims that those days are over. Tod tried to assure Copper that they can still be friends, even if not as close as they used to be, until Chief woke up and alerted Amos to his presence. Amos rushed outside with his rifle, and Tod had to run for his life. Copper found him in his hiding place before his family, but decided to let him go for this one time for old times sake. Tod almost managed to escape, until Chief found him near the railroad. Chief was sitting on his tail, until the train ran him over. Amos and Copper were devastated to see Chief half-dead, and Copper even blamed Tod for dodging the train and being hurt only from the inside. Afterward, Widow Tweed had to take Tod to the wildlife sanctuary for survival's sake in order to prevent Amos the chance of killing him for real.

Tod's first night at the forest was rainy and lonely. An angry badger whom he accidentally entered his lair did nothing good to his mood. Despite everything, he kept his manners and woke up with what little hope he could gather.

His next days in the forest became better after he met Big Mama again. She introduced him a young fox named Vixey, who became his girlfriend after a rocky start. They had a good and peaceful life, until his former friend came to the forest, out for Tod's blood. Tod managed to dodge some bear traps laid by Amos, but the biggest bear trap was actually Copper, who assaulted Tod with bared teeth as if they were never friends. Tod fought like a cornered fox, more concerned about Vixey than about himself, and even jumped through the fire when Amos tried to suffocate him and Vixey inside their lair.

Tod and Vixey were on their way out of the woods, until an abnormaly aggressive grizzly came out of the bushes and attacked Amos. When Copper rushed to do what a loyal dog should, Tod forgot what should've been a justified grudge and rushed to Copper's help. They combined forces to get the bear falling from a log into a waterfall. Tod fell down too, but narrowly survived the fall.

He tried to get up and keep on with his life, only to see Amos standing above him and aiming his rifle to his face. Before Amos could make the final shot, Copper stood between them in a final friendly deed. Since Amos has more humanity in him than most Disney villains, he finally did the right thing and dropped the hunt as a gratitude to the fox who saved him and his dog. While their friendship was long lost, they still said goodbye with smiles of relief.

The final scene showed Amos and Tweed living in relative harmony, as well as Tod and Copper remembering each other for the best and respect the other for what he is, each in his own world.

Corrupting Qualities

He has none. The closest thing to a corrupting quality he has is his childhood phase, which is comedic, but is taken seriously in-universe due to his attempts to socialize with others in a heartwarming way. His rocky start with Vixey doesn't make mischievous either, as he made peace quickly enough and became fiercely devoted to her later on. Rushing to Copper's aid after everything he and Amos did rules him out from being lethal, arrogant and vengeful. Any other corrupting quality is rendered moot.

Heroism standard

A rather low one. While there were many heroes in this movie, Tod's only competition comes from Widow Tweed, who had more resources than Tod. Other characters labled as PG, such as Big Mama and Vixey, don't really count. Plus, Tod's kindess stands out more, as he's the only character who actually risked his life for old times sake despite how deeply the character he saved betrayed him. The fact Copper is technically a hero despite betraying his friend makes the heroism standard even lower, and also makes Tod even better. Here's a rehearsal of why he's a pure soul:

1. His friendly nature goes beyond his kind personality. Even when people were hostile, or otherwise just jerks, he always came with a friendly face and wanted to bond with them.

2. After everything Copper did, including trying to kill him, most people would leave Copper to rot. Tod, however, went to save a person who tried to kill him earlier both for old times sake and out of sheer kindness.

3. His heroic deed inspired Copper to stand on his side one last time, making Amos drop the hunt and ending their rivalry. While they couldn't be friends anymore, Tod chose to remember Copper for the best.


Tod is heroic and benevolent to everyone around him, and even insists on keeping his and Copper's friendship, which later inspires the main antagonist to respect him and make peace with him. I would say he's pure good.