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So... a couple of days prior, I had a brief conversation with the Humble Nintendo Master as I had discovered another hero that somehow got allow to be labeled as Pure Good, despite not actually much to actually warrant having the mark... in this case I found two. As you may have guessed, I'm taking about Christopher Robin's wife and daughter Evelyn and Madeleine Robin.

I hope I'm not breaking any rules with this duo removal.

Who are They/ What have they done?


As I said before, Evelyn and Madeleine are Christopher Robin's wife and daughter.

Christopher Robin and Evelyn first met on a London bus just as Christopher offers her to take a seat, only for a passenger to take her seat. Over their lifetime, Christopher Robin and Evelyn would start a relationship and the latter would pregnant when Christopher left. Then, Evelyn prepares a birthday cake for her daughter Madeline. After Christopher returns from war, Evelyn is so happy she could see him again, alongside Madeline. Christopher Robin then starts his new life working for the Winslow Enterprises bank while his wife Evelyn continues to take care of her daughter.

After Christopher comes back from work, Evelyn informs that Katherine Dane wants Christopher to work over the weekend just as Christopher explains to his daughter Madeline that he has to work under Winslow's strict rules, giving him a low chance to see his family. During a conversation with Evelyn, she explains to her husband that there are perfect schools for Madeline that do not require them to send her away and also while talking, she explains about Christopher has to adapt to having a new life in the real world rather than having fun with Winnie the Pooh and his friends at the Hundred Acre Wood. The next day, Christopher bids a farewell to his wife and daughter so that she can take her to boarding school.

When Christopher has to return to work at Winslow Enterprises, and tells his wife that he must catch up with the next train just as Christopher leaves, Evelyn consoles her daughter Madeline, sharing her sorrow with her daughter that her husband cannot stay, since Christopher has to work at Winslow Enterprises while Madeline has boarding school. To cheer herself up, Madeline decides to have fun.

While imitating a Wimbledon cricketer, Madeline meets Winnie the Pooh and his the gang. When Christopher Robin leaves Sussex, Tigger takes his important papers, leading Madeline to London in order to help her father. Later during a plan to find Christopher Robin, Madeline, Pooh and his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood pass by the Robin house just as her mother asks her if she would like some lemonade, only to find out that Madeline has left a note linked to Christopher Robin. Furthermore, Evelyn comes to the rescue and tries to catch up with Madeline while arriving at London who is trying to find her father.

Arriving at London, Christopher receives an urgent alert from Katherine Dane warning Christopher that his wife Evelyn couldn't find her daughter and thanks to Katherine's advice, Christopher reunites with his wife just as the couple rides on a car to find Madeline so she can reunite with her family again much to Winslow's worry. Eventually, Madeline loses all Christopher's papers except one which Christopher realizes that this was the only one he needed. He makes the decision to send Madeline to public school. With the problem cleared out, Christopher Robin's family spends the holidays with Pooh and his friends at the Hundred Acre Wood.

Why Don't They Qualify?

It's another interesting case of a character who's never shown to have major corrupting factors, or had any true jerk moments. Both of them have shown to be incredibly friendly, respectful and generous women. That sounds like they should be worthy of the title right? So why don't they deserve the Pure Good label? Simple answer: Generic heroism.

Neither of them really do that much or play that large of a role in the story. They play a semi-important role in causing Chris to regain his child-like wonder and optimism, but on the scale of heroism, you could say that Evelyn always supports her husband and daughter, wants to send Madeleine to a public school, rather than a boarding school, and encourages Madeleine sense of wonder. And Madeleine at least continues to believe in the Hundred Acre Woods crew, is remarkably intelligent, quick-thinking and attentive for a girl her age, and desperately wants to please her father, but that's pretty much it. They don't even play a major role in taking down the hypocritical Giles Winslow -- Christopher Robin (a complete non-qualifier) does that. The duo mainly just serve as good reflections of everything Chris's childhood innocence and good parenting side.

Admirable Standard

In a film like this, where most of the characters are good-hearted and innocent, finding a true member who stands out on the heroism scale is going to be very tough. If I'm being honest, I'm seriously doubting whether anyone in the work is truly worthy of the label. Maybe I could make an exception for Winnie himself, but then again, this whole thing is very confusing.


Yeah, now that I say this out loud, I'm really starting to doubt this whole thing, though I KNOW that Evelyn and Madeline Robin don't come anywhere close to met the criteria for being Pure Good. Let me know your thoughts.