Zero Suit Samus Zero Prime

"Are you not afraid? Those who don't worry about dying in the future won't fight for their lives in the present."

My 3rd Pure Good Proposal - Samus Aran. She is already ranked as Pure Good, but hasn't been approved.

What's the work?

Metroid is a science fiction action video game series created by Nintendo that originated in 1986. It follows Samus Aran who protects the galaxy from the Space Pirates and their attempts to harness the power of the parasitic Metroid creatures.

Who is she?

Samus is a legendary bounty hunter known for her exploits against the Space Pirates. After being orphaned by a Space Pirate attack on her homeworld of K-2L led by Ridley, Samus was adopted by the Chozo, given their technology and infused with their DNA, and raised to be a peerless warrior. After some time spent with the Galactic Federation as a soldier, she left to become a bounty hunter, carving her name into history by accomplishing what others had thought to be impossible.

Heroic factor

Her personality is mostly left to the imagination. Despite this, she endlessly protects the galaxy and the universe from the Space Pirates, who wish to conquer the universe. She was known for her role in ending the Galactic Phazon crisis - Phazon being a mutagenic substance capable of destroying it's host planet's ecosystem - resulting in preventing the near destruction of multiple worlds such as Aether and Tallon IV of the Chozo. She chose to destroy the deadly X Parasites rather than turn them over to the Galactic Federation in order to prevent them from taking over the universe. She was also protective of the Baby Metroid.

Corrupting factors

She is brooding and vengeful against Ridley and the Space Pirates, though this is for killing her parents.

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