A proposal for Dawn from the Total Drama Series.

What is the work?

Total Drama is an animated reality show where teenagers compete for a million dollars, each episode a contestant gets eliminated.

Revenge of the Island is the fourth season and has 14 contestants split in teams consisting of the Mutant Maggots and Toxic Rats.

Who is she? What has she done?

Dawn is one of the second generation contestants from Revenge of the Island. She was on the Toxic Rats team.

Being implied to be a psychic with supernatural powers she can see the auras on other people and animals being able to read their past, feelings, and being able to communicate with animals, this gives her a very close bond with the wildlife. In fact her intended goal is to use the prize money to help mother earth.

She is also nice and very helpful to her team and the other contestants. When B who doesn't talk is trying to tell his team his plans she acts as his interpreter.

When a mother mutant beetle terrorizes her team, Dawn reunites her with her baby that she had saved earlier.

Dawn comforts Zoey when she believes that Mike doesn't like her and assures her that the real Mike does like her but stops right there without exposing Mike's personalities.

When Dawn sees that Scott sabotaged their team she tries to get him eliminated but gets eliminated instead after Scott frames her for stealing the others things.

Admirable Standard?

Despite being an early elimination who never got much screentime she is easily one of the nicest and most memorable Revenge of the Island contestants. Loves animals and nature in general and uses her powers to communicate and help them.

Corrupting Factors?

Really none.


That will be left up to you guys.

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