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This is my first proposal about Hana Nono from Pretty Cure series.

Who is she?

Hana Nono/Cure Yell is one of the five main cures in the series HUGtto! Pretty Cure and she is the group leader. She is the older daughter of Sumire Nono and Shintarou Nono, the older sister of Kotori Nono, the maternal granddaughter of Tanpopo Anno and deceased Sousuke Anno, the unnamed husband and the future mother of Hagumi Nono.

Goodness Zone/Corrupting Factors

An energetic optimist, Hana aims to become someone who is like a big sister or an adult, but often fails at most things she wants to do in spite of her brimming courage, mostly due to her childishness. In spite of her joyous nature, she once became disheartened when she thought she couldn't excel like her friends Homare and Saaya.

Putting her flaws aside, Hana is a brave, caring and supportive heroine, especially towards Hugtan, whom she protects with a strong responsibility. She is forgiving as well, as she doesn't hold grudges to former villains like Ruru Amour and Charaleet even though they have committed crimes before.

In the episode 46 Hana is wearing the white bride dress along with George Kurai who reveals that he is Hana's husband from the original timeline. After Hana woke up and almost cry after she having a bad dream about what happen to Hana is almost got married with George Kurai. After Hana arrive out of the elevator Hana see George Kurai wants to give him flower to Hana, and she said no, and she refuses to go back to Criasu Corporation and she shocked with the flashback picture with her mother, father and younger sister. Hana listens to George Kurai in the flashback when Hana wants to be adult and she smiling. When George Kurai knowing that the despairing Hana will have a good amount of negativity to tries to create a Oshimaida, but she refuses to leave her alone and she leaves and she join with Homare.

Final Answer

I think she was qualified.

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