Here is another PG Proposal for Healin' Good Pretty Cure character is Hinata Hiramitsu.

What is the work?

Healin' Good Pretty Cure is the 17th installment of the Pretty Cure franchise and the 15th continuity. The show focuses on the Healing Garden, a magical garden protected by Healing Animals, fairies based on various animals, as well as a dog-like fairy named Latte and her mother Teatinu. When a group called the Bjögens attack the Garden in hopes of poisoning the entire planet, Latte, as well as three of the Healing Animals, Rabirin, Pegitan and Nyatoran, flee to Earth in hopes of finding human partners to become Pretty Cure.

Who is she? What has she done?

Hinata known as Cure Sparkle is the main characters from Healin' Good Pretty Cure, she is the daughter of Teruhiko Hiramitsu and the youngest sister of Youta and Mei Hiramisu. When she was young, she can't swimming, gymnastics, piano and dance during from flashback in episode 13.

Hinata Hiramitsu discovers a talking cat whilst on her way to meet with her friends, and gets sidetracked. Of course, said talking cat is Nyatoran, who is still seeking a partner. Together with Nodoka and Chiyu, Hinata goes to meet with her friends. A monster attack ultimately leads to Hinata becoming Cure Sparkle.

Both Nodoka and Chiyu got strong introductory episodes in this season. She had brief appearances in previous episodes, but now seeing one that focuses on her has no doubt that she is a wonderful part of the main cast.

But Nodoka certainly gets some great moments where she shines, too. Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure is proving pretty early on that is has an excellent cast of characters, and that can only be a good thing.

The enemy general that appears this week is Guaiwaru, and he reveals that it is not just nature can be infected. Of course, the Megabyogen we get has to be a little too much for Cure Grace and Cure Fontaine to handle on their own, because this episode.

Apparently PreCure comes under that, as the giant monster attacking the town is of no concern to her when she sees Cure Grace and Cure Fontaine for the first time. Seeing allies and enemies alike have the same reaction to Hinata’s reaction is pretty amusing.

She can help but feel that much of Nyatoran’s interactions with Hinata throughout this episode were a test – one that she passes, hence becoming Cure Sparkle.

During the battle, Nyatoran has to tell Cure Sparkle that they purify their foes, rather than defeat them. A purified foe is a defeated foe.

Goodness Zone/Admirable Standards

Hinata is very kind, bright, outgoing and friendly second-year middle school student, who isn't good at studying. Hinata shows she is very much aware of her flaws and is deeply apologetic for not noticing Nodoka. Nodoka has something she wants to say to that, but the plot arrives to interrupt.

Hinata’s tendency to just dive headfirst into things comes out here, too, as she is determined to protect the photo event. Cure Sparkle fights on her own for a bit, though she soon realises she just done the same thing as earlier when she is in a pinch.

Corrupting Factors

In this episode, Hinata strongly considers the possibility of just giving up being PreCure, especially after what happened last time. An attack from an enemy that they just can’t seem to track down doesn’t do any favours for her confidence. Fortunately, both Nodoka and Chiyu are there to support her.

Final Verdict

I think she qualifies or not.

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