Ted Wiggins
My first PG Proposal, this proposal will be about Ted Wiggins.

What's The Work

The Lorax is a book written in 1971 by Theodor Seuss Geisel, also known as Dr. Seuss. A short film based on the book in 1972 was made. And in 2012, a CGI animated movie based on the book was made, and this proposal will focus on Ted in the 2012 movie.

Who is he?/What Has He Done?

Ted was a 12 year old boy from the town of Thneedville. He has a crush on Audrey, who wants to see a real tree. His Grammy Norma tells him about the legend of the Once-ler, and says that if he had three specific items, (15 cents, a nail, and a shell of a great-great-grandfather snail) the whole story of the Once-ler would be told to him. When he arrives at the Once-ler's place, the Once-ler tells Ted his backstory and how the truffula trees almost went extinct. At some time in the story, the Once-ler tells him to leave and come back later. The next day, when Ted went to visit the Once-ler, he meets Thneedville's mayor, Aloysius O'Hare, and Ted gets told to never leave Thneedville again and that real trees could damage O'Hare's business. He goes back to see the Once-ler to learn more about the history of the truffula trees and the Once-ler's backstory. After the Once-ler finishes telling his backstory to Ted on how he polluted the land, he hands Ted the last truffula seed. He tries to impress Audrey so she can see a real tree, but O'Hare comes in and tries to take the seed from him. When O'Hare tries to convince the town that trees are a threat to his business, Ted knocks down the city wall to show the town how polluted the land was and what happened to the truffula trees. The town is then convinced by Ted that he should plant the seed and they all turn against O'Hare. When the town say the seed should grow, O'Hare tries to convince the town to go back to his side by trying to let it die, but the town stay on Ted's side and O'Hare gets deported from Thneedville. Ted then successfully plants the last seed and he recovers the land.

Corrupting Factors

I highly doubt Ted had any corrupting qualities.

Admirable Standard

Ted recovered the polluted land when he planted the last truffula seed. He also convinced the town to recover the land, which became successful and he was against O'Hare continuing the land's pollution since he said that things aren't perfect in Thneedville and would get worse unless they plant the seed. So overall, Ted cares about the environment.

Final Verdict

He has a chance to be qualified.

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