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  • The Crazy Terror

    A proposal about Cindy Lou Who and her 2018 version from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

    How the Grinch stole Christmas is a Christmas media created by Dr. Seuss. It follows the Grinch, a grumpy, solitary creature who attempts to put an end to Christmas by stealing Christmas-themed items from the homes of the nearby town Whoville on Christmas Eve. Miraculously, the Grinch realizes that Christmas may not all be about money and presents.

    Cindy Lou Who is a little girl who lives in Whoville and brings The Grinch back to redeem himself, showing him the true meaning of Christmas so he can't no longer be alone on Christmas.

    When I watched the original cartoon movie, Cindy has innocence when seeing The Grinch (disguised as Santa) taking the Christmas t…

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  • The Crazy Terror

    A PG removal about Wander from Wander Over Yonder.

    Wander Over Yonder is a 2013 Disney animated TV series created by Craig McCracken. It follows Wander, an overly-optimistic intergalactic traveler and his steed Sylvia traveling from planet to planet helping people have fun and live free, all against Lord Hater and his army of Watchdogs' evil reign.

    Wander might be a nice and friendly guy, but sometimes his optimism can be mischievous and annoying, even driving Lord Hater insane. Despite his easy-goings, there have been times where he has been pushed to his limits. For instance, he had trouble maintaining his self-control when his curiosity was piqued by the unknown contents of a box he was not supposed to open in "The Box." Wander is also comp…

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  • The Crazy Terror

    PG Proposal: Toadette

    September 29, 2019 by The Crazy Terror

    A proposal about Toadette from Super Mario Bros. series.

    Toadette is a recurring character from Super Mario Bros.

    Toadette is generally a happy and upbeat girl. She is portrayed as being a nice, sensitive person, and she enjoys being with others; she has similar personality traits to Toad. However, it is shown she can get childish very easily.

    Toadette can also help Mario and Luigi on their adventures to save Princess Peach from Bowser in every Mario game.

    She should be approved.

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  • The Crazy Terror

    PG Proposal: Brooke

    September 25, 2019 by The Crazy Terror

    A proposal about Brooke from Ice Age series.

    Brooke is a female ground sloth who lives in Geotopia. She also appears to have a crush on Sid and later becomes his mate.

    As a ground sloth, Brooke sported an exceptionally long reddish-tan pelt and long tan scalp hair, which she had decorated with violet flowers. She has a slim build with slightly wide hips, where her fur is designed to look like a flowing dress skirt. On her neck, Brooke wore an amethyst necklace, tied with a tan cord. She may also have yellow butterflies in her hair and fly away when Brooke moves her hair with force. As she was from another part of the world, Brooke spoke with a British accent.

    Brooke seems to be very fond of visitors and gladly helped the herd in any way she could…

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  • The Crazy Terror

    A proposal about Courage the Cowardly Dog from his own show.

    Courage is the titular main protagonist of the franchise of the same name. He is the dog of Muriel Bagge, who found him by a dumpster as a pup. Apparently he was abandoned as a puppy because his parents were sent in outer space by an evil veterinarian. Althrough Courage is easily scared, he is genuinely brave and still goes to great lengths to protect his owners.

    Usually in normal situations, Courage is scared, mostly from the voodoo mask, that Eustace uses to scare Courage. But in situations where Muriel's and Eustace's life is in danger, Courage becomes very brave.

    Beside his bravery, Courage is also very intelligent, and very quickly to find solutions to defeat various villains lik…

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