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Teenager Kohaku in the year 2018.

Teenager Kohaku in the year 2018.

NOTE: Read the Corrupting Factors and Admirable Standards first.

After watching Iroduku: The World of Colors, which I was intrigued by its story, I've decided to dedicate myself making a Pure Good Proposal to one of the show's characters: Kohaku Tsukishiro.

Without further ado, let's begin this proposal.

What is the Work?

Iroduku: The World in Colors is a 2018 original anime created by Natsuka Yashio and animated by P.A. Works. Taking place in the year 2078 it follows the story of Hitomi Tsukishiro, a 17-year old second-year high school student in Minamigaoka, who is the descendant of the Tsukishiro family, a family of witches and magicians. One day, however, Hitomi suffers from achromatopsia (colour blindness), who literally sees the world in grey, as well as losing the people she cared and cherished for, causing her to gradually spiral into depression.

Kohaku Tsukishiro, her own grandmother, deeply empathises her granddaughter's suffering, who no longer wants to see her in such a state. Not wanting to give up in resolving Hitomi's mysterious ailment, Kohaku later sends Hitomi back in time through the mysterious hourglass known as the Stardust Clock, 60 years ago in 2018, to meet her teenage self.

There, Hitomi, would later encounter Kohaku's teenage friends in the past, whom she strives hard to make friends and restore her ability to see the world in colours again.

Who is she? What has she done?

Kohaku Tsukishiro is one of the main characters of Iroduku: The World in Colors. She is the grandmother of Hitomi Tsukishiro, who sends her granddaughter 60 years into the past, at a time during her teenage years, through the mysterious hourglass, Stardust Clock, after seeing her daughter suffering due to her inability to see colours around her.

  • After seeing her granddaughter Hitomi suffering, due to her mysteriously being unable to see the world in colours, as well as losing the people she cherished for, Kohaku sends Hitomi back in time through the Stardust Clock, 60 years ago in the past, to visit her 17-year old self, and reassures her to make friends and find happiness at the same time.
  • Throughout the series, as a teenage girl, her cheerful and optimistic personality allows her to enlighten anyone around her, particularly her own friends and Hitomi. She also shows a degree of worry, particularly towards Hitomi, given that she is from the future, and would cause problems to her and to the rest.
  • In her teenage years, she is shown to be optimistic towards her friends including Yuito Aoi, Asagi Kazeno, Kurumi Kawai, Sho Yamabuki and Chigusa Fukasawa, and especially towards her future granddaughter Hitomi. She is deeply loyal to all of them.
  • She knows about Hitomi's colour-blindness, whom she encourages her by working together with her to find a cure for it, in spite of Hitomi's initial reluctance.
  • After she reveals to Hitomi that she is her future grandmother, to the surprise of the rest including Hitomi herself and the rest of the Art & Photography Club members, she later gives her future granddaughter the courage and motivation to open up and reveal that she is from the future. She then reassures her that there is nothing to be scared about revealing who she truly is.
  • She encourages an anxious Asagi to change herself for the better and decide her own future, after seeing Hitomi trying her hardest, rather than relying on fortune.
  • Helped Hitomi out by perfecting her ability to cast magic on her own, thus allowing Hitomi to get over her fear of magic.
  • Spent most of her time throughout the second half of the series to master her time-travelling spell to send Hitomi back to the present time, even if she initially failed in doing so, especially in advanced chronomancy such as time-travelling, thus showing her persevering nature. At the same time, she is determined to plan on sending Hitomi back, in order to prevent her from causing a divergence and possibly get stuck in there forever.
  • She enlisted the rest of the Art & Photography club members to pick up purest-quality starsands in a beach, which is one of the primary ingredients used for Ichiyanagi to create the Stardust Clock, a mysterious hourglass that allows her to send Hitomi back to 2078, thus fulfilling a part of her goal.
  • Because of her encouragement to assist Hitomi throughout the entire series, it is thanks to her that her future granddaughter has now regained her ability to see the world in colours again, as well as regaining the happiness that she has lost for years.
  • Hugged Hitomi for one last time, prior to her leaving, whom she told her that she will talk anything what the good things Hitomi and her friends did, 60 years later.

Admirable Standards

She passes the standards needed. Kohaku shows a degree of empathy and support towards her granddaughter, especially during her slow descent into emotional distress after losing her sense of colours around her, as well as the people she cared for, including her mother.

Not only Kohaku strives to work hard to regain what Hitomi lost, which is her sense of colours, in her time as a teenager, but she was enable to encourage her to open up and reveal that she is from the future, thus allowing Hitomi to befriend the rest of Kohaku's friends. She also shows perseverance, such as when she is determined to plan on sending back Hitomi to her own time, despite the obvious difficulty that arose.

Corrupting Factors

Kohaku has no corrupting factors that will hold her back. Albeit it was once revealed that she was a known troublemaker in her childhood and her teenage years, when it comes to magic, Kohaku does not exhibit that personality. However, there are some corrupting factors that would hold her back into being a Pure Good, albeit they only happened once, as they are minor, it would not be considered a PG prevention.

  • In Episode 4, when she used her illusion magic to show what London was to the rest of her classmates, in spite of what happened after when a train suddenly appeared and caused some students to be dirtied by the train's engine, including herself, which was something she did not expect.
  • In Episode 5, while she misused the high-quality ingredients needed to create stardust, contributing to her getting scolded by her mother Ruri, she later apologised to her and accepted her punishment.

Final Verdict

She gets a yes. But, you can cast your vote to decide if she's PG or not.