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Hello, Thehumilator23 here. Now you wonder what this blog post is all about, as this is not the usual standard PG and/or PG Removal Proposals blog post. Instead, we're going to talk about the biggest elephant in the room: Pure Goods. But more rather, it will list and explain the following PG characters listed below are considered bog-standard or do acts of generic heroism within the material that was given. These are known as Standard Pure Goods.

Not a long time ago, Koko Nigel and myself have been pointing out regarding Standard PG characters, and how these types of characters often do not reach beyond the given admirable standard to be counted as Pure Good. Reasons include bog-standard acts, generic heroism, or the source material being taken for laughs, as well as it being pure innocence.

Please take note that this is an encyclopaedic list of Standard PG characters that have been pointed out by users and added to the list, so do not make personal attacks about it.

I. What Defines as a Standard Pure Good?

Standard Pure Good, by definition, is a type of a Pure Good character that is considered to be bog-standard, where his/her heroic actions are considered to be generic and does not pass beyond the baseline standards of the material. In some cases, it is often known as the Nice Person = Pure Good philosophy, where PG is often misattributed to being purely nice and being a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. Due to a massive shake up of the criteria in 2020, there have been more Pure Good characters that were not supposed to qualify ending up as approved candidates.

NOTE: Rejected good heroes who pass the general admirable standards, but fail the in-universe admirable standards to other characters (e.g. Princess Peach) do not qualify.

NOTE #2: This category is only for characters who got rejected for being standard. Do not add characters who only got rejected due to having too many corrupting qualities. A character who does have too many corrupting qualities, however, can qualify to be on the list if they also failed the admirable standards (eg. Cookie Monster, John Bluto Blutarsky, Rose DeWitt Bukater, every character from Team Fortress 2).

II. PG Characters that are Considered Standard Pure Good

III. Standard PG Characters That Have Removal Proposals/Been Rejected


  • While the list is still considered incomplete right now, feel free to comment through so it will be added. Also, feel free to add Standard PG characters that have been removed by proposals or have been rejected within their PG proposals through commenting, so it will be listed.
  • Explain and state your reasoning why a character in the list should be removed.
  • The list will be updated, whenever a character is added.
  • Badge of Honouring and flanderisation comments is strictly prohibited. Any user caught excessively doing so will be reported to the site admins.
  • Special thanks to Koko Nigel, BlazingMarshmallow, and 94SideKick for helping with the blog post.