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One of the most stalwart and true warriors to fight by your side in gaming history.

Hello. Today I feel it is time for the main protagonist of one of the most beloved and important video games of all time to get a proposal.

What’s the Work?

Dragon Quest III isn’t just any JRPG. It is THE JRPG. The gold standard for generations of JRPGs to come, the game, like all Dragon Quests, follows a noble Hero journeying through a fantasy world to save it from the forces of darkness. It sets itself apart from the previous titles by having far more engaging gameplay and story, and personality injected into every town and NPC.

Who is she/he/What have they done?

The Hero (or Heroine depending on player choice) is the 16 year old child of the great Ortega, the chosen one to defeat Baramos who ultimately died in a volcano. They, on their 16th birthday, receive a summons to the Court of the King of Aliahan to try and defeat Baramos. After gathering some (player-generated) friends at the local tavern, the Hero sets off on a quest to vanquish the darkness. In their journey, the Hero and his or her crew of merry warriors accomplish many feats of heroism, such as saving Jipang (Japan) from Orochi, to whom they would sacrifice their young girls, thereby helping a trans kid finally feel free; as well as establishing peace between the people of Norvik (Scandinavia) and the very shy Faeries, allowing the faeries to finally open up to people; even helping a young boy accept his father’s death. Ultimately, the party vanquishes Baramos, but it is not over yet, as a portal to the World of Darkness opens, sucking in the party. Zoma is an even more powerful Demonlord than Baramos, already having taken over Aliahan and plunging its inhabitants into despair. The Hero, strong as he or she is, vanquishes Zoma, and saves Aliahan, being named Erdrick for his bravery, but it wasn’t the end of his travels. As we see in Dragon Quest I, he used a magic artifact called the Ball of Light to seal away the Dragonlord for now, and inscribed on his tomb a message to his descendant, calling Alef to action to defeat the enemy Erdrick failed to defeat. Like father like son.

Corrupting Factors

While they can have a sexy/lewd personality, it never gets the better of them and never gets in the way of their goal.

Admirable Standard

This incarnation of the Hero May just be the most admirable dragon quest hero of all. From being a transgender girl’s ally, to helping a boy deal with grief, to granting the Faeries bravery, to founding America without the slavery baggage, this guy has done it all in terms of good deeds.

Final Verdict

Up to you, but I totally think they’re pure good.