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Hi. Today’s proposal is regarding the sole PG, in my eyes, of MGS.

What’s the work?

MGS is a series of geopolitical spy thrillers that push the limits of what video games can do with both gameplay and story, and take a staunch pacifist view of war.

Who is she/What has she done?

Sunny is taken in at a young age by the Patriots, the Illuminati of the series, but is rescued by Otacon, who takes her in as a daughter. In MGS4, she enjoys learning to cook, and also creates a way for Snake to keep in touch with his friends while he’s on a mission, in the form of Metal Gears Mk. II and III, as well as creates an AI called FOXALIVE, which Snake uploads to the Patriots, and suddenly humans once again take the reigns of democracy, and the world of endless strife and war is gone, all thanks to Sunny’s genius and Snake’s determination. In the end, Snake and Otacon marry and take her in, but Snake only has a few months to live. Despite this, in MGRR, Sunny doesn’t seem shaken by the death of one of her fathers, and enjoys being Raiden’s sidekick through his mission to stop Armstrong and Sundowner.

Corrupting factors?

None. Sunny is completely pure and innocent, and while the other characters go to war, she prefers to stay where it is safe for a child and learn to cook eggs. Not once has she had a heating-up period, either.

Admirable standard?

IDK, but solving world peace and overcoming parental grief at a prepubescent age is pretty admirable, if you ask me.

Final verdict?

You tell me.