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What's the Work?

Chrono Trigger is a 1995 Super NES JRPG widely hailed as the best video RPG of all time, featuring an ensemble cast of characters adventuring through time.

Who is he? What has he done?

Robo was a naïve robot from the R-series designated the serial number of R-66Y, created by the AI Mother Brain with the purpose of protecting humanity if she goes rogue, which she does. His partner was Atropos XR. He was rendered scrap metal by the apocalypse of 1999 A.D. with no memories of his past self. In the bleak world of 2300 A.D., he is found by Lucca and her friends Crono and Marle, and is fixed up to working condition. Crono gives him the name Robo, and Lucca introduces herself and her friends and kindly asks Robo to simply be a friend, which he accepts. Robo, Crono, and either Lucca or Marle on their way out of the dome encounter Robo's brothers, the R-series, who have been corrupted by the rogue Mother Brain. Robo selflessly sacrifices himself to save his friends, who drag his corpse to the Proto Dome to fix up. When the Proto Dome is about to shut down, Robo yet again shows a selfless act by standing in the closing door to allow Crono, Marle AND Lucca to escape. He is unharmed this time, and they use a Time Gate to go to the End of Time.

Later on, a 600 A.D. woman wants to restore a desert to its former forest glory, but it will take 400 years. Luckily, there are time gates to 1000 A.D., and Robo, realizing he is incapable of death by old age or disease, takes advantage of that and grows back the forest, only for his friends to go forward in time 400 years to meet up with him again.

Then, back in 2300 A.D., Robo finally remembers his purpose in his birthplace of the Geno Dome, and realizes that Mother Brain HAS gone rogue and the time has come to destroy her. Unfortunately, Atropos XR has been corrupted by Mother Brain as well, forcing Robo to destroy her, bringing back her memories in her dying moments. Then, Robo and co. venture deeper into the dome to exact their revenge on the evil computer.

Finally, after Lavos, the cause of the doom of humanity, is destroyed, Robo goes back to a now bright and hopeful 2300 A.D., to be reunited with an uncorrupted Atropos, Mother Brain, and the R-Series.

Corrupting Factors

Robo is marked as Lethal, however hear me out. Yes he kills a lot of sentient beings, but those enemies are all hostile and trying to hurt him and his friends. This puts him, and his friends (other than Magus) in a similar situation to Captain Rex. In addition, he and his party do a lot of work making peace between the humans and fiends in 1000 A.D. by repeatedly fighting Ozzy, Flea, and Slash in 600 A.D. We also must discuss his conversation with Atropos in 2300 A.D. He clearly shows moral agency and refuses to fight her, but he had literally no other choice but to kill his loved one. Overall, the CT characters are Righteous Killers.

Admirable Standards

Robo is shown to do several selfless acts in the name of protecting those whom he calls his friends, from being scrapped by his brothers to blocking a closing door. He also is very naïve, with his in-game dialogue never lacking his trademark kindness and innocence. Not only that, he dedicated himself to 400 years of hard work just to make a family happy. Out of all of his friends, he does the most admirable things.

Final Verdict

Robo is a naïve and selfless boy that, despite being a robot, has been proven to be a truly selfless individual.