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Hello. I have a removal proposal for a character who was kept as pure good due to suspicious circumstances.

That character is Kion from The Lion Guard.

Who is he

Kion is the second son of Simba and Nala and the protagonist of the Lion Guard, a show from Disney Junior based on the Lion King. Kion assembles a team of animals to defend the Pride Lands and protect the Circle of Life. Kion became a Pure Good because he was the protagonist of the show and by doing normal heroic things like saving people. There was never any mention of the goodness zone of the franchise, or of Kion's more negative or disqualifying traits.

Reasons for removal

Kion has several reasons for removal. Many of the things Kion does in the show like saving people or being a good leader are just normal heroic things that don't really stand out, especially in a kids show. Furthermore, Kion's negative personality was hardly mentioned, such as when he attacked Makuu or had a brutal argument with his sister Kiara. While he did apologize for most of these things, he did not always do that, and that can be a disqualifying factor. Furthermore, Kion has insinuated several times he has no trouble using lethal force on his enemies, something Pure Goods never do except as a last resort. But the biggest factor is the goodness zone, and Kion clearly fails it.

The Lion King franchise already had two Pure Goods, Kiara and Kovu from the second film, and they were never mentioned when Kion was proposed, which they must be in a proposal to see if the candidate can be judged to pass the goodness zone. Kiara had a strong conflict with her father SImba over her romance with Kovu along with Simba being a smothering overprotective parent, and he became violent towards her, resulting in her running away to find Kovu. However, she immediately convinced Kovu to return to the Pride Lands to reunite the prides and stop a war her father unnecessarily started, despite the fact Kiara repeatedly stated she did not want to be a leader. Furthermore, she tried to save Zira's life even though Zira made it clear she would never stop from trying to overthrow her dynasty. Kovu had a horrible upbringing, being raised solely to be Zira's puppet king, and to betray the Pridelanders, and Simba treated him utterly awfully, culminating in Simba banishing for a crime Kovu did not commit. Despite his upbringing, Kovu cared for his older brother who despised him, hated the plot and turned on Zira, saved Kiara from crocodiles when they were cubs, also rescued her from a fire, tried to help Simba in the Outsider ambush, despite Simba's treatment of him, willingly went back with Kiara to reunite the prides and forgave Simba for his horrible treatment of him. Compared to Kiara and Kovu, Kion just fails the goodness zone.

Final Verdict

Kion clearly failed the goodness zone compared to Kiara and Kovu, in addition to threatening to use lethal force on adversaries, and not standing out. In my eyes, Kion is a clear cut. The reason he was not cut last time is because several users commented on how Kion's generic heroic deeds were enough to keep him as a Pure Good, which under ordinary circumstances usually get discarded, but were left out. The reason he does not fit is because he fails the goodness zone, and especially he does not do actions that are equal to what Kiara and Kovu did.

All in all, I believe Kion, for failing the goodness zone, having several corrupting qualities, and failing to compete with Kiara and Kovu, is a clear cut.