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It's been a while since I was active but since I recently completed Neo: The World Ends With You, I felt I had to make a proposal for him, never though I would.

Disclaimer: He is not pure good in the first game, however in the NEO, he has lost his corrupting qualities, which is why I am proposing.

What's the work?

The World Ends With You is an RPG game set in Shibuya where you play as a character named Neku. After his mysterious death, he is forced into a game of survival called the Reapers' Game, where he must survive for a week fighting Noise in order to be brought back to life. NEO: The World Ends With You is the sequel, following Rindo Kanade and his team the Wicked Twisters.

Who is he?

Neku Sakuraba is the main protagonist of the fist game. He is initially a very anti-social and apathetic young man who 'doesn't get people', after ending up in the afterlife he teams up with Shiki Misaki to survive the Reapers' game. While initially rude and hostile towards Shiki, over the course of the week, thanks to Shiki's kindness, Neku becomes warmer and more mature and grows to care for Shiki and become strong friends. When Shiki falls into a depression when a reaper exposes her insecurities and her appearance in the RG is actually that of her friend Eri, Neku reassures her that he likes her for the way he is.

When he is forced to do another week of the Reaper's Game, the reapers take Shiki as his entry fee as she is the only thing he valued. During week 2 he sides with Joshua Kiryu. During the week he gets flashbacks of getting gunned down by Joshua. When the Games Master of Week 2, Sho Minamimito summons Taboo Noise, causing the erasure of Sota and Nao he is heartbroken, at the end of the week it is revealed that it wasn't actually Joshua but Sho who killed Neku. After defeating Sho and Joshua presumably sacrificng himself to save Neku, he feels in debt and laments that he wasn't able to say thank you.

On Week 3 he teams up with Beat who left the Reapers. At the end of the week it is revealed that Megumi Kitaniji possessed the entire of Shibuya so Joshua will not destroy it. After defeating Kitaniji, Joshua reveals that he is still alive and is the Composer of Shibuya and it was actually him who killed Neku and challenges him to a duel. Neku cannot come to shoot Joshua, so Joshua brings Neku home and decides to spare Shibuya.

In 'A New Day' Neku is sent back to the Reapers' Game with Beat and is instructed to escape Shibuya, they are followed by Coco Atarashi, when he meets up with Hamekoma, it is revealed that he is trapped in a pseudo-parallel realm. After defeating Coco he returns to the RG, where Neku is gunned down by Coco.

In NEO, it is revealed after Coco shot Neku, Joshua sent him to Shinjuku as a precaution. He first appears after saving Beat from Minamimoto. This time around he has not a single jerkish trait and has become a straight up nice guy who is kind-hearted and supportive, even befriending Coco after it is revealed her actions were an attempt to prevent the destruction of Shinjuku. He teams up with the Wicked Twisters to stop Shiba and save Shibuya. He tells Rindo he had to same premonitions that he had. He is wary of Rindo's time travelling ability and it's potential risk, but is never angry at him and remains full on supportive. After defeating Phoenix Cantus and saving Shibuya, Joshua offers Neku to become the new Composer but he declines, returning to the RG and finally reuniting with Shiki.

Goodness Zone

While initially he is far from pure good, being apathetic and selfish who doesn't care about other people, over the course of the game he becomes much more caring and heroic and begins to value his friends and ends up saving Shibuya from destruction. In the sequel he is completely absent of any corrupting qualities. He is a kind-hearted and caring individual who is a supportive mentor towards the Wicked Twisters, going far as to not only forgive but befriend Coco even after killing him and leaving him in the UG for three years. HE ends up saving Shibuya for the second time.

Admirable Standards

Through his character development, Neku is easily the most admirable character in The World Ends With You franchise, after evolving into a selfless and nurturing young man who ends up saving Shibuya and countless innocent people not once but twice.

Final Verdict

Yes. While he wasn't PG in the first game he certainly has become one in the second game.