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What's the work?

Penguin Highway is a novel and anime adaptation. It is set in a small town in Japan. It follows a ten-year old boy named Aoyama, whom one day discovers penguins in his village. Being the curious boy he is, he begins an investigation project with his friends to discover this anomaly. He also develops a crush on a young woman named Onee-San, who might just have some involvement with the penguins.

Who is she?

Onee-San is a young lady who works at the local dentist's office where she meets Aoyama and teaches the boys how to play chess in her spare time. One day when a gang of bullies tie Aoyama to a vending machine, she releases him and shows him her ability to turn soda cans into penguins, the two start experimenting to find out how she is able to do this. One night she has Aoyama stay over at her apartment. They don't see each other for quite sometime after that. Meanwhile Aoyama and his friends discover a giant orb in the forest which they call "The Ocean". One day when Suzuki and his friends attack Aoyama, Onee-San sends her penguins to scare them off. When the Ocean begins to rupture, causing balls of water to bounce out, one approaching Aoyama's friend Uchida, Onee-San throws a penguin at the orb to save the boy. When the existence of the Ocean is revealed to the public and a team of researchers is sent to investigate it, Onee-San decides to take Aoyama to the sea, but falls ill on the way, they decide to go home after that. When Aoyama finds out that she doesn't need to eat, he conducts and experiment to see if he stops eating if he will no longer have to eat. He falls ill in the process. One evening while in bed he is visited by Onee-San who comforts him. When the Ocean becomes bigger causing typhoons, Onee-San becomes worried about the research team trapped in the Ocean. Along with Aoyama, she forms a giant hoard of penguins, enter the ocean and rescue the team. When they come back, they return to the café where they play chess. Before she leaves, Onee-San hugs Aoyama, as she leaves she vanishes though her exact fate is left unknown.

Goodness Zone/Corrupting Factors

Onee-San is shown to be a very kind and caring woman. She pampers Aoyama like he were her son and is nice to almost everyone she meets, even Hamamato who is abrasive with her. She expresses concern for the research team when they end up in the Ocean and in the end sacrifices herself to save her village. She shows no sign of any corrupting qualities at all.

Admirable Standards

Onee-San is undoubtedly the most admirable character in the film. She doesn't have any jerkish tendencies. She uses her powers to help people, is very kind to Aoyama and ultimately sacrifices herself to destroy the Ocean in the end.

Final Verdict