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Hey folks, how's Movember going, growing your moustache? Cause I know I'm not, Anyway here's a proposal for Wan,

What's the Work?

The Legend of Korra is a Western animated series, it is set after the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The Avatar franchise is set in a world where people can bend the four elements earth, fire, air and water (not the elements of the periodic table). The Avatar is able to bend all four of the elements. The Legend of Korra follows the Avatar Korra as she helps save the world from various treats and evil people.

Who is he?

Wan was the first ever Avatar and the one who began the cycle. He first appears in The Legend of Korra, he appears in Korra's vision and helps her find Raava. His backstory is then revealed.

He lived in a city on a lion turtle, when entering the spirit realm, the lion turtles would give the settlers fire power to defend themselves. One day Wan gets the power and uses it to raid warehouses to steal food to feed his family. He is then caught, the lion turtle banishes him but lets him keep his power. While he initially struggles to survive he ends up befriending the spirits after rescuing a wild anima;. and tries to make piece with humans and spirits. When his village invades he tries to get them to stop the fighting. After spending years with the spirits he travels to other lion turtle cities to master all four elements. On his way he meets Raava and Vaatu, after Vaatu begs Wan to help him he does. Unaware that Vaatu is an evil spirit, Wan apologizes to Raava and vows to defeat Vaatu. With the help of Raava, Wan is able to learn how to bend the elements.

When fighting Vaatu, he permanently merges with Raava, becoming the first Avatar, he seals Vaatu in a tree in the spirit world. He then decides to seal the spirit world from the real world so humans cannot invade it. However the humans started fighting each other, for the rest of his life Wan tries to bring peace but sadly dies in battle, upon dying Raava reassures him saying that in their next lives they will eventually bring peace. And thus the cycle of the Avatar began.

Goodness Zone/Corrupting Factors

While he started off as a thief who stole food (though this was to help feed poor people), after he befriends the spirits, he learns that they aren't bad people and is determined to make peace with spirits and humans alike and protects the world from Vaatu. He is a kind-hearted, brave and peaceful man.

Admirable Standards

In a franchise with very high standards, Wan stands out for being the first human to make peace with spirits, sealing away Vaatu so he cannot cause anymore destruction and effectively beginning the cycle of the Avatar whom saved the world a countless number of times, so he definitely makes the cut.

Final verdict

An easy yes for me.